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grants you 100% dodge. has internal cd of 4 secs which means if you used it while it’s cooling down internally it won’t trigger

question: does the rogue talent fletcher stacks with aspd though it’s maxed, e.g. i have 60 attack speed, selecting this would increase my attack speed to 80 or it’s still capped at 60%?

Fletcher is independent of the attack speed cap. It takes your total bow aps and multiplies it by 1.2 (20%).

Q1 Is there a set formula for how total damage reduction is calculated?

Q2 Does the reflect affix reflect x% of your mh damage before buffs like the power stat are factored in, or after?

Q3 Is there any sort of website that theoretical builds can be made on, prior to testing them in game?

I just answered your 1st question a few posts above. I suggest reading the whole question thread or if you’re not up to doing that, at least use the search function.

damage reduction is multiplicative.

final dmg = orig dmg * (1-DR1) * (1-DR2) * (1-DR3) … and so on

just fill in the values for the DR’s

DR due to armor = {armor / [armor + (enemy level * 1000)]} * 100%

Example: Your Equivalence DR is 50%, Shieldwall DR at 40%. Armor DR at 50%. Your total DR% will be:

Total DMG Reduction % = {1 - [(1 - 0.5) * (1 - 0.4) * (1 - 0.5)]} * 100% = 85%

Another way to look at it is through the damage dealt to you:

Final DMG = Original DMG * (1 - 0.5) * (1 - 0.4) * (1 - 0.5)
Final DMG = Original DMG * (0.5) * (0.6) * (0.5)
Final DMG = Original DMG * (0.15)

Thanks about the info on the survival combo for warriors. Are you sure about Block only being for Warriors?!


  • Yesterday I purchased an epic orb, and it had block on it (why would that be possible if it doesn’t work for wizards?)
  • Before that I jaspered a shield with block to orb and equiped it. The increase of damage reduction (shown in the Defense tab) translated 1:1 to the block rate on the shield.

Is block and/or dodge nerfed at higher floors?

All the best, Mid

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Yup I am completely sure


EDIT: @Midlumer

I am completely wrong. Recently I learnt from @SteigerBox that block works on every class but only warrior can roll the affix. However since you can jasper any item you want, you can get block on any offhand jaspered into warrior then jasper back to your own class.

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@ilidan371 for starters, there’s no need for that kind of response to human oversight. I did read the thread, the formulas section of the codex and looked on the wikia. I must have simply missed your comment.

If anyone has answers for q2 and q3, I’d really appreciate it.

Map question:
Say I have one map, leveled to lvl 300.Then I delete that map.
1: Must I now lvl a new map from 200 or is there another way to get a new lvl 300 map?
2: Is there a way to get a lvl 250 map? (when my maxed clear is lvl 300)
Or, to put in other words: How can I easily go from grinding lvl 1000 over and over to lvl 500 over and over and back again?
… And does the game remember my max map lvl when I Ascend?

1.You can “convert” map to a higer level map.
2. convert map feature will generate a higher floor number but the floor number will be random.
you can repeat the process until you reach the highest floor you’ve previously unlocked

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I’m just wondering if I’m missing something. I have progressed to level 410 legend on Cat maps. Realised its too hard at the moment and the rate at which I’m getting obsidian and elixir is too slow to progress my gear at any rate but frustratingly slow. So I have put it down to easy and I’m progressing back through the Cat maps however it’s taking me hours just to get up 100 levels. I have adventurer with 5 on it and I run fast but its really slow. Is there a way to get a map with a lower level of difficulty from the legend map I’m currently on? So I’m on 410, can I somehow get an easy map on 410?

just go to any floor from 1-200 easy and buy a map. then, you just have to convert the map up to your current floor.

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you are amazing, thanks so much. i was spending so long for no reason doing that.

That is very good news, thanks for your efforts :blush:!! I didn’t want to start rolling before being absolutely sure… But block obviously is better for me if I don’t use any triggered effects on dodge, since I can get 45% here instead of 30%. Awesome :relaxed:

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Block can be put any piece of gear as long as it’s warrior, right? Like if I try using Obsidian on a Nadroji Amulet?

Edit: Ignore this question… I’m an idiot.

And another question: How can I make it to where my hireling warrior stops chasing monsters before they are able to be killed? I’m getting real sick and tired of his stupid self dying from Fury drops.

You can set his skills to never attack and set his range to stay as far away from enemies as he can, or make him stay within 1 yard of you.


what is the max for the killswitch affix in equipment?
how does killswitch work?
does killswitch stack with other damage bonus buffs?
how to reach quadrillion damage with bleed on pve?

What if I use epiphany on two characters, one on main and one on hirling.

Will it add up to 50% and the caps increase by 50%?
Meaning if I used epiphany 25% on dodge, max cap turns into 75% but if I used it on both characters, does the 60% turn into 90% (60+30% increase) or does the dodge stay at 75% and no more?

Just wondering. Thanks. Please answer this question if possible @f00kee and others who used epiphany.

No, it only increases the stats of the character it is on.