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i’m not sure if ricochet benefits from time warp. i don’t think so but hopefully someone here can confirm. again, it depends on your whole build. if you don’t have crit and elemental crit affixes on your other gear, then you might be better off with coat proc.

Bullets are considered projectiles, so yes they do bennefit from timewarp proc IF PAIRED with cosmic power


**So Many Question For Me In This Game ^^ Very Interested Game Ever In My Phone ^^

Anyway , my question #1 is about Bleed , Bleed Is A part of a damage over time or (DOTs) ?

And Stealth Means Double Damage ,Dodges all attacks for 2 seconds, and remove all DOTs . am i right? now , what do you mean removes all DOTs ?
DOTs to your enemy or DOTs to your hero ?

in shortway .

i want the Vanish “Mythic” and i plan to make a build with Elemental Critical + Elemental DMG . my build will be useless bcoz of Stealth Proc In My Vanish ?

anyway ALL Element Have A DOTs ? **

when i used poison my toxic and blight will be useless because of stealth ?
when i used ice my freeze and frostbiting will be useless because of stealth?
when i used electric my shock and paralysis will be useless because of stealth ?
when i used fire my immolate and blistering will be useless because of stealth ?
when i used arcane my orbit and celestial will be useless because of stealth ?

hahaha! so many question but i want an answer and explanation ^^ Ive Tag You To This Post CuzegSpiked to answer all my question


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1)can you get the green color affix through crystal?
thanks for your answer(s)

Yes the Crystal required is Amythest :smile:


Hey man, just wondering are you Cod3x aka dumbledore?

ahh ok thanks man :smiley:


Hi, just want to know how the Equality set works.
Do I need to have the same digits of HP and MP to gain its effect?
Example: HP: 100 & MP:100
or do I need to have the same pool % to gain its effect?
Example: HP:100% & MP:100%

Thanks in advance! :smile:

Equality and Equivalence’s boosts are based on the current stat :smile:

so it is the same digits of HP and MP? sorry, still vague for me.

The closer too the same the 2 stats are the stronger the effect caps play no role :+1:

hm… sorry still vague for me hehe :sweat_smile:
Will just ask if the scenarios below will give the same result?
Scenario A:
HP 70/70 & MP: 70/100
Scenario B:
HP 2/2 & MP: 100/100

I’m a mana shield user and uses glasscanon - FYI

Sorry nope scenario B will yield worse results hope that clears it up :smile:

Oki! :smile: Digits equality it is.
Therefore, to effortlessly gain the full effects of Equality set, I need to pair it with Equivalence mythic, correct?
I can maintain my HP and MP full all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup :smile: that’s the easiest and most effective way :+1:

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Thanks @Griffin012! best! :smiley:

Always Happy too help out! :grin:

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You’re the best :heart:

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