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oO? I thought Multi Attack and Extra Attack Chance don’t work with Orb…

If you use discordance, yes it does. Multi attack can multiply the dmg as it’s now like a primary skill and skill like chakram, blast , any previous primary skills considered specials so multi attack no longer works on them. I know from experience and seeing cronos previous builds.

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Ahhh okay that’s a killer then with Discordance! I didn’t know that, thank you :blush:!!

Very appreciated, thanks for the long explanation :)!

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Your welcome. I sure am in love with Discordance and I see why a lot of cronos build were Discordance and many other people’s builds. Looks like I’ll try many possible builds until I can’t do anymore. Not just Discordance but any build.

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Does anybody know if + to class talents that are not your class give you any benefit? (on pets)

For example + Relentless if you’re not a rogue, + Fusigate if you’re not a warrior and so on?

No they do not :+1:

Dang Thanks.

Hello, how does my character behave in the arena when I’m offline? And if I have other characters like leave my strongest in the arena in the same offline situation

Quick question: Does attack speed affect off-hand primary skill? Cause I read it somewhere that it has a 0.5 cooldown between uses

Attack speed only affects skills without CD. So if you find an OH primary skill without CD (in the damage pages), attack speed would help. But afaik all OH primaries and specials have CDs, as well as all MH specials. Most MH primaries don’t have CDs (Boomerang and Charge are the only ones with CDs).

This is what bugging me the most, why does off-hand weapon has attack speed when most of their skill has 0.5 cooldown

To boost MH primary :wink:

wait really :hushed:, attack speed stat affect your main hand primary even if it’s on off hand?

Exactly. Same holds true for Extra Attack Chance and Multi Attack…

Only way to have Attack Speed boost MH special is with Discordance Mythic ;).

Everything except Weapon Damage % and Weapon Damage + effects both weapons if I’m not forgetting anything.

tks for your reply sir

Wait a minute, I swear that attack speed can affect skills that have low CD. For example a 0.5 second skill. I know for sure that it affects chakram cast speed, despite CD being 2 seconds as you can cast 2 chakrams without CD and the CD is the time you wait until the boomerang(s) return. Usually it’s 0 sec skills but I have seen instances where it works on skills with less than one second.
Correct me if I’m wrong though.
The cast rate of my 0.5 second orb is faster with more attack speed (I use Discordance for this though as it probably wouldn’t work without it). I don’t primarily use attack speed but I have noticed it.

Hammer has low attack speed even though it has 0 seconds of course so attack speed increases your casting of it.

It definitely affects OH primary skills with 0 CD (I hope around like a bunny with spamming vault so fast.

To summarise, attack speed mainly affects skills with 0 CD or CD below 0.5 and has to be primarily a primary skill (see what I did there?). Attack speed does affect Aftermath though as both the skills reset to 0.5 CD each and when you click and spam Shatter and Meteor, you move around very quickly with attack speed vs not having any attack speed whatsoever.

If you use Discordance on Gauntlet Orb, Blast CD and Orb CD switch, that is why Attack Speed increases Orbs/sec. But then again, Reduced CD does not speed up Orb casting any more, but does speed up Blast.

Boomerangs can be sped up with Reduced CD, but not with Attack Speed. Same for Charge. I’m 100% positive about that, but test it out yourself :wink: 55% Reduced CD -> 0.9s CD on Boomerang, compared to 2s without Red. CD.

What furthermore influences the attacks/sec is of course the weapon, Hammers/Gauntlets are slow (1.1 and 1.5 attacks/sec)… So Discordance on a Wand (2.5 attacks/sec) does 66.7% more attacks per second with 50% less damage, disregarding the massive damage advantage Gauntlet has over Wand because of its base damage.

Both Shatter and Aftermath are CD skills, so only Reduced CD should affect spam speed, not Attack Speed Affix.

Edit: The CD animation appears with the use of Discordance on MH special, but Attack Speeds makes the attacks faster and Reduced CD does not, just checked it again :slight_smile:.

Mainhand and offhand primary skills are affected by attack speed while specials are affected by reduced cooldown discordance inverts this :slight_smile: as for offhand primaries they have a maximum attack rate of .5 per second that’s all

Can you please add in the game descriptions all these details about primary skills? (multi attacks, attack speed, CD, etc…)

True. Of course aftermath being affected by attack speed though works without Discordance but that’s like probably the exception (I only used 10% reduced CD from dexterity for aftermath attack speed but mostly 60% attack speed made the big difference @Midlumer ). I use aftermath for like many months and more attack speed does indeed make it faster to cast (especially with meteor procs). I never needed to use more reduced CD with aftermath as that’s redundant. Aftermath already resets CD of shatter and meteor when clicked so reduced CD isn’t needed.

Other than that, you’re pretty correct Griffin and midlumer.