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I made another test this morning, and it seems more complicated than that.

With Boomerang, I was maybe wrong I guess, AS indeed makes the Boomerangs faster and not RCD (or maybe both, this needs more testing). With OH primaries I was partly wrong:

For ManaShield, AS didn’t make any difference, but with RDC Teleport I saw an increase of speed after applying additional AS. So with the things @CuzegSpiked meantioned about Aftermath, my interpretation is the following:

  • Skills have one or both, an attack part and/or a casting part.
  • ManaShield doesn’t have an attack part, so AS makes no difference.
  • Teleport has both, so AS speeds up the attack part and RCD speeds up the casting part.
  • With Aftermath, the CD gets set to 0.5s (?) so AS speeds up the attack part of Shatter and because of the CD reset you don’t need RCD.
  • That means AS speeds up all attacks which have an attack part, MH/OH primaries and specials.
  • If you can afford only one crystal affix, take the one which saves the most time (with CDs it’s RCD in most cases).

And @Griffin seems correct too, 0.5s seems to be the maximum attack speed of OH primaries (maybe MH/OH specials too, I don’t know).

Does that sound about right?

This game is amazing, every day I discover something new even after playing a long time now :relaxed:!

And yes, this definitely needs some clearing up in the dictionary.

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Yup. I always requested the codex to be simpler and clearer. I mean it’s simple enough but simpler is cooler. So much simpler than a year or two ago though and very well updated for sure.
If codex gets simpler and easier, I’m sure more fantastic players and new combos could be discovered faster? For instance I never knew orb had 200% dmg per 0.1 secs default hit frequency and when I did, it sparked a build idea.

I’m glad we’re learning :smile: .

Quick Question:

  • Can Hunger increase the Attack Speed and Reduced Cooldown above Cap? Or not?
  • Oh, and does Stealth Proc overwrite the current active Stealth, or only after the internal CD of 3s?

As stated in the description of Relentless, it gives a % DMG boost depending on the missing HP%. At Rank 40, if they are missing 50% HP, you will deal 50% more DMG.

It always did.

Correct, dependent affixes prevent you from rolling their requirements on the same item.[quote=“CuzegSpiked, post:1691, topic:2345”]
Skilled mythic doesn’t work with discordance orb im pretty sure.

As stated in Discordance’s Dictionary entry, it only affects Extra and Multi attacks.

All your attacks will pierce including AoE and Melee attacks. Very good with Exposed.

Yes, +All Skills apply to every skill. This is why it is very limited. +All Talent only applies to the Talents of the current class as there is no way to gain Talents from other classes.

Sets only affects the user. He uses Ascendant on Hireling so that his main does not need to.[quote=“Warran, post:1698, topic:2345”]
The way Angelic set is worded makes it seem like the healing portion will work with skills that have exactly 1 second cooldown and the damage/aps portion won’t work with them?

Angelic, just like Haunting, is affected by CD Reduction.

Default Duration is 0s. This is why enemies will never glow Pink without Ascendant.

No, it does not.

Thanks for pointing this out! (Blame a system crash that anulled a lot of changes…)

Both apply the Debuff but default Duration is 0s so you need Ascendant to increase it to 5s.

Yes, it applies to Discordance too.

  1. yes.

  2. yes for Chance. Duration is 2s until next successful hit. (Blame crash)

  3. All Skills bypass Affix caps. That is why you can have perma dodge with Stealth and 100% Bleed Chance with Scalp.

Angelic does not show up on the status screen.

  1. yes but might be bugged.

  2. yes but might be bugged.

  3. it affects both pets.

  4. no.

  5. No. Your PVP fighter will always be the last one you used but the stats of your “mule” will be saved on the server until it is used in PVP or season reset.

When you enter PVP for the very first time since you installed the game, a pop up appears and tells you it will use the last PVP char you used.

Attack Speed affects all skills. CD prevents you from using the skills as fast as possible.

Reduce MP also only affects the weapon it is on.

Chakrams uses a very special APS mechanic that is dependent on APS (Hunger, Angelic and etc), ASpd, and Projectile Speed. The 2s CD is Descordance Balance :stuck_out_tongue:.

The APS, ASpd and CD system is a bit complex. Might write a guide on it later.

Do not mix up APS and Attack Speed. This will lead to a lot of confusion. Hammers have high Attack Speed (+30%) but Smash low APS (0.75/Sec). When using Scoundrel or Spellsword with Hammers is reduculous (highest BWD weapon in game with free +30% Attack Speed).

A min of 0.5s CD is placed on Specials when you use Discordance. I miss 10 Multishots per sec with Discordance. :frowning:

Both of these skills use a special mechanic. CD reduction does nothing for Chakrams. Charge is also dependent on the distance to the target.[quote=“Midlumer, post:1764, topic:2345”]
Hammers/Gauntlets are slow

Again, Hammer is the fastest Warrior weapon. Smash is slow. Skills are independent of weapons. Use Spellsword or Scoundrel with different weapons and compare the APS of the different Comet and Quickattack. You can find the speed bonuses on the wiki.

  1. Correct.

  2. Half correct.

  3. Half correct.

  4. Kind of correct.

  5. It speeds up all attacks. Period.

  6. I bet you love the Hunger Set now. :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. not really. Every skill and weapon has different settings.

  8. Almost. It is much more complicated.

  9. Yeah… GL fitting these complicated mechanic into the dictionary. Below is an example of how complicated Whirlingblade’s APS is (written by yours truely before I became a tester) and why it finally received a buff this last patch. Sadly, the old attachments did not make it through the forum update.

  1. it affects APS not ASpd and reduces remaining CD. Caps mean nothing to it. (Damn it another one of the many dictionary updates that failed to go through. I blame computers crashing.) Anyways loving the Hunger set yet?

  2. only after the 3s.

I will definitely need to write out that APS guide sometime. I see the demand for it. xD


Thank you, that was a very enlightening read :blush: Hunger Set ftw!!

Indeed! You got to be quick on your feet to catch prey. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you. That was an awesome read of you answering my questions and others. I feel relieved that I know the answer now lol.

That is one long reply hahah

Question: how much bonus Ms does vault give? I know that vault you can increase move speed of in hero points but also I do kind of see momentum working whenever I use vault in PvP. I’m guessing 10% or 20% bonus MS by default. I know that coat, stealth, sprint, whirlwind and knights charge have usually around 20% MS or so. I think shieldwall gives 40% MS.

Vault doesn’t give MS boost. The MS boost from the heroic skill boosts the MS of vault itself, meaning Vault Speed. I was sure the Dictionary entry of the skills were updated with their MS values but I was wrong. :frowning:

Knights Charge --[[ 25% ]]	
Sprint		   --[[ 25% ]]	
Whirlwind	   --[[ 16% ]]	
Coat		   --[[ 20% ]]	
Stealth	  	   --[[ 20% ]]	
Summon		   --[[ 50% ]]	
ShieldWall	   --[[ 40% ]]

TimeWarp doesn’t seem to increase Orb damage, is that supposed to happen?

I don’t think so. I thought it did since orb is a projectile. I mean I noticed a difference last time .

Hey devs, can you do something about those PvP Arena “campers”?
It’s so annoying that some characters just stay still and spam their attack forever.

Can you add some countermeasure\penalty for remaining more than N (10?) seconds in the same place?

  • spikes come up and cause -X% total HP each second.
  • a spring trap launches them around the arena, causing also damage.
  • etc…

well, I could agree that it may be annoying, but definitely not unbalanced nor need to be changed. It’s a matter of play style. It actually makes them predictable and easier to hit. Now what you’ll have to do is plan your attack.

Tip: these type of AI are setup to camp usually at the start of the match AND when at full HP or the threshold they set in AI settings. At one pointthe AI will start to behave differently (run and avoid enemy) or will start chasing you. Best way to win is,

1 wait for few seconds before going in
2 always use Dispel AND silence when you go in
3 After using all skills you’ve got, run away
4 now, observe how the AI behaves, try to get close but avoid getting hit by skills
5 you’d now know if it will chase you OR if it will start running away
6 Then plan your next attack
7 IF it has really a stronger build overall then you’ll probably lose and just improve your build

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Is the “2% mana on hit” affix (obtained from mythstones) useful?

What’s the base mana, the one I see in the detailed stats panel?
With 10,000 mana, for example, I’d get only 200… the epic affix seems better. :frowning:

Base MP is from stats and lvls. If you are lv 99 with 299 Mana, then you will have 19900 MP an will heal 398 MP/hit.

Eh, but who dumps all the points into mana…
I guess I’ll just use the epic affix which should be a static 200 or 250 mpph, I think.
(unless there are some other advantages about the mythstone affix I’m not aware of).

Being Wizard you get additional Resist, but also meh at higher floors. In PvP or with ManaShield it sometimes makes sense. From what I remember is that the nerf to base HP was made for PvP, where otherwise the healing was insane and you could make virtually invincible chars.

Just take the epic affix, that should be fine. If you have something on your gear boosting Regen (Plagued, Cosmic Power, Equality) you could go for Regen also.

Plain MP from the equipment count into base MP as well, right? So 5k MP from epic affix would go on top of that?

Got a question too:

  • In the arena, do the Trophy affixes get scaled down? I don’t think so (since it shows the original Trophy values), but just to be sure.

I think it does. It always seems like the actual values are scaled down even if it’s not shown but maybe not? Of course eternal trophy does bump it up which is good. Gladiator set increases the trophy affixes by a percentage anyway .