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Nope they are unaffected trophies only work in PvP so there was no need to make em scale down :smile:

Hopefully nobody notices that this way we get 50 Resistance from Trophy, as much as Pet, Hat, Robe, Ring, Amulet combined :upside_down:

Uuuuh no 50 resist not 50% resist :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually 60 resist with 10 from pet, 10 from trophy for 80 resist total. I already knew. :wink: :smiling_imp: . 50% was probably a typo on your part.

60 resist means 10 resist per 1 piece. There are 6 gear in total (excluding pets and trophies) and 10×6=60 resist. The pet does have 10 resist and trophy has 10 resist for 20 extra resist. 60+20=80 resist.

I see 50 light resist from Pet, Hat, Robe, Ring and Amulet and 46 light resist from trophy :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry mess around with the resists formula and you’ll see why it isn’t a problem :stuck_out_tongue: the resists on an item are determined by item level and messing with that just to change almost nothing to make the trophy only have 10 would be pointless and there are far cooler things being worked on instead :3


MH + OH don’t give resist and Trophy should give up to 50 :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you talking about! 100/(100 + 2000) = 4.76% damage absorption :sweat_smile:

For lightning only!

Exactly only 4.76% specific element damage reduction vs ~3% specific damage reduction neither make much of a difference and neither are unbalanced time better spent balancing things and making new cool stuff (fingers crossed for enigma balance this patch)

I hear you man! Dat Enigma kills all other builds :triumph: any teasers on that new stuff you talk about?

I think I just gave one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hehe thanks! Got a few questions:

  • Pathfinder works with Stealth right? Just to be sure.

  • Does Veil increase Dodge before or after Stealth? As I read it, it increases Dodge only while stealthed, so I would need 45% Dodge and Veil 20 to hit 100%, correct?

  • How does Momentum work? It says “Increases DMG +50% (5) of total MS bonus”. So that applies only to Bonus? Meaning if I have 37.5% from Adventurer, it gives me 37.5%*50% = 18.75% more damage?

  • If I have 37.5% from Adventurer, 20% from Stealth and say 30% from affixes, do I have 87.5%? So is MS Bonus additive, or do I multiply them? I read somewhere that 50% is max from affixes and 50% from Skills, so does that mean Charge (how much is MS bonus?) + ShieldWall + Stealth give me a maximum of 50%? And affixes would be Adventurer, legend affix etc?

Kinda trying to get my head around this^^

  1. Lol I was going to say no before I remembered the stealth changes yeah it should now

  2. As far as I can read (I’m just going off the in game description as I haven’t actually used this one before) it should give you the dodge always but it should be easy to test by simply getting veil 20 and looking at the stats page

  3. Yes

  4. They stack additively and you are correct 50% from affixes and 50% from skills so stuff like sets and flat affixes will only let you reach 50% then you have to use skills and the 3 you listed when combined should definitely be able to get the full 50% unfortunately I can’t remember what charge is off the top of my head I wanna say 25% though?

:smile: :+1:

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Okay, so maximum damage I can get from Momentum then is 50%. Gonna test what happens with Veil, on a second read it seems like dodge -> always and coat weapon duration only while stealthed.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hmm got 20% Dodge with Veil 10 (10% base and 10% from Dexterity). So seems like the question is still open…

Currently thinking it’ll only give 10% (20 Veil) while stealthed and it won’t get doubled by Stealth.

Grif with the clutch pics…

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What can I say I’m the meme king :crown: skaul tackles me to the ground to get the crown I’d stolen moments ago back


Reminds me of the Behind the Meme channel :thumbsup: :smile: .

Ho, got a question about Orbit/Toxic:

  • Orbit says “summon a 100% DMG Elemental Orb on attack” - that basically means the Orb gets the damage of my attack right (except critical)? Not 100% MH DMG. It works like a proc basically?
  • Toxic: spawns a 400% DoT cloud. Combined with 100% Blight, do I get 800% (as I would expect) or 500%?
  1. Pathfinder currently only takes Stats, Gear and Dex. Dunno if it will change.
  2. After. Total dodge = (Dodge Stat)*Stealth + Veil + Smokebomb.
  3. Skills don’t have caps. So you can get +100% MS from skills alone.
  1. Orbit is a skill. You can see its stats in the stats page.
  2. all “increase” is multiplicative. “Give” is additive.