The Question Thread


When playing DQ my phone gets hot and the battery drains a lot.
This doesn’t happen with other ARPG with more complex graphic and a frame limit option.
Devs, can you please add that setting too?


Set FX to low in the options screen. This will turn off lighting in the game which will reduce gpu usage.


Thanks, but sadly they’re already set to Low.
(and I’ve also disabled Numbers and Shadows)
I have a MotoG3 v2, by the way.


Let’s revive this thread as I get tired of reading another topic just for one question.

Post your questions here instead of creating another topic.


How on earth did we forget question thread. The very thread that helped many git gud.




Hey guys!

Can you tell me, what set affixes i should use for more crystalstones/mythstones?!


Only higher rarity is possible. Crystalline, Mythology :wink:


So this confuses me a little. Hmmm about the item which is crafted will it also count as legends found in the campaign leaderboard?


@Kirby1 yes am item crafted from codex will count toward the legend count leaderboard. I tested it for you. :+1:


Hi pros, does having 2 Explosive 400% affix means 800% MH damage in total and 10% chance effectivity?


Does talents on items from a different class take effect on another class?

For example i have a wizard and an item has relentless talent on its affixes. Will the relentless work on the wiz?


No u got 800% Explode damage with 5% chance.


No, the Talents are class-specific, so they don’t work on other classes :smile:


i’ve been contemplating making a set revolving around the set affix reactor for a rogue and am curious: how exactly is “orb” defined? what i’m really trying to ask here i guess is would reactor work with:

  • the elem crit for arcane (i think it’s named as orbit)
  • cosmicorb mythic
  • orb proc legend affix

and i think there’s another affix that procs orb but i’m not sure…


Hey guys!

What do you think is better for farming aspects…
Crushing Flames or Frozen?

I would like to use this on an bow-roque

And another question…
What are the best settings for bow-roque hireling?


They both work well simultaneously. Even more so if you have permafrost and inferno to accompany them. Any
ED% booster and you’ll be a happy rooster. :yum:



Does frozen work even on floor 1000/m3?

I only find builds on forums, that means CF is good on V3.0…

So i don’t exactly know - here’s the equipment, that I use at moment:


Well I’m currently using a frozen item and with it mildly pimped out with affixes and all my other gear, I’m pumping an average 10b - 200b

That’s even after I removed my crushing flames and bonus and substituted it with aftermath and cerebral vortex bonuses. Also epiphany and haunting but I don’t use those in PvP. Nor my Adventurer and Momentum. I only use ‘em in PvE. I’m a glasscannon tho’ so I use a lot of teleport along with focused MH skill and a proc for it. Also for my vortex, to proc it because sometimes it spawns on a target twice. Or at least the AoE is significantly increased when also having the proc.

I’m currently edging towards floor 1k on M3 and these critters are still popping like corn on my first deadly strike. :sweat_smile:

But I have a whopping total of 1k HP :joy:

BTW… Your masochism would work significantly better with Defiant equipped. :kissing:

Also works well for PvP :wink:


Sounds good!

What do you think…
Defiant MH
Momentum OH
Frozen Armor?

Is that possible?
And trying to get cyan - 2x CB + 2x DS?

And maybe Flint rock for farming?