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What exactly the effect of Mayhem Set ? It say " % damage and stun chance for each unique proc u have ", so if I have like 20 proc does it increase my damage by 250%, and the stun chance 'bout 50% per hit ?


Is it possible to make a trap to a vial?
Want to have that skill…


No but you can change the special skill to get stealth if you want. You can’t change the primary skill and if you want to keep defiant there are no class insolence that converts to a vial.


Is it possible to use topaz on an eternal item?
I want to know, because I want to make an eternal masochist edge with + 5000 weapon damage


U can’t modify Eternal items affix with Topaz.


At what floor do you get max XP from mobs? Is it 101 still? Or does XP increase per mob you kill at say floor 200, 300?

Also, does a hireling reduce XP gain? I read somewhere that a hireling adds +100% XP gain to negate the reduction in the past.


Xp ceases to increase after floor 101.

Abt hireling… my main is lvl 99 eternal(so i do not know abt that xp thingy)


Possible only on fabled staff


Yup that’s correct.


Yeah when I saw an eternal mythology helm that had discordance I was like whaaaaaaaaat…

And then it hit me. :joy:


So I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that Scalp is probably the most powerful skill I’ve come across in terms of clearing floors. Tho’ I haven’t been pushing to surf through, I’ve just been farming between 500 and 700 for what feels like eons.

I threw this together yesterday with the bit of variety of crystals and mythstones that took me FOREVER to accumulate - and I’m happy with how it’s turning out so far.

A couple of changes need to be made here and there. Plan to have 100% pierce chance - 10 all talents - 10 all skills. I also use vampiric touch with blood magic and void alchemy, when I use my Imp.

This build is pretty much a homemade version of discordance with the benefits of alchemy’ DMG. With all that clearcast and specialist’ it’s no wonder I have up to 20 twisters and scalps parading around me a annihilating everything instantly. Epics included, depending on HP% and heals.

I’m busy with a helm that’ll have the epiphany bonus, harmony and vampiric touch. Hopefully get the attack speed obsidian for it.
and block for my OH.

Purely PvE build although two item swaps make it a great PvP build too. Not sharing that tho’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Please gimme some suggestions that’ll maybe tweak or improve it. Bearing in mind it isn’t complete. :grin:


For the wizard talent ‘necrotic’ its says skull damage, does that mean the OH weapon that is a skull or is it an ability?


The skull weapon itself


Yay I thought it was and was hopping it was, this will be interesting to see what damages I can get out of this


0 skill points in skullshield. The talent is boosted by 35 tho’ and the weapon itself only has base DMG of 56k.

So I’d say it can go pretty high…


Anyone have idea about Mayhem Set ? :joy:


Increase stun chance by 10% per proc and increase proc DMG by 12.5% per proc at Mayhem (5).

With 3 procs, you’d have 30% stun chance and the same proc damage as Malestrom. Mayhem is more useful in the process DMG after having more than 3 procs which is pretty easy to achieve.

Two mythic procs cosmic orb and enigma/nova/vanish , then 2-4 skill procs that you’d choose. The stun chance is more important from that set though but the proc damage is still decent.

Combined with malestrom for absolute effect.


So it stack right ? If u have like 10 procs the damage increase will be massive :heart_eyes:




New to using maps past 200, couple questions:

  1. Say I am on floor 350, but want to farm at 300. What’s the best way to get a map to 300?

  2. Say I have a map at 300 on “very easy” mode. How do I change it to a higher difficulty level?