The Rogue

Since i know that we will get a Rogue as a new playable class i am thinking abou how it will be. I think it will be some kind of a hybrid class with maybe melee weapons (dagger for assassine skills) and range weapons (bow for archery skills). And how about some talents like Stealth, Luck, Item Drop, Gold Drop? Would be cool :smile: what do you guys think? Rouge = Big Winning or Epic Fail?

In every RPG game I always choose the Rogue/Assassin Class, if it is available. I’m really looking forward to playing with the Rogue Class. Until it is released, I’m taking a break from DQ. But when it’s available, I’m grinding the heck outta this game with my overall favourite class in any rpg, the Rogue. :smiley:
I hope something like stealth, smoke bomb, fast attacks, sweet dodge etc etc. :smile:

PS. Would be cool if we can choose between genders of any class when creating a class in DQ.

I can objectively say… that Rogue will be our best made class so far, and one of the best looking as well. :smile: I’m really excited to get it fully working and then showing it to all you guys.

Haha, cant wait to get my hands on it. :stuck_out_tongue: i hope he will look a bit like Altair from Assassins Creed xD But i guess he will get a unique design :smile:

WHY STEIGER? You only made us more excited! lol. everyday i am checking out the website and google play as well, any estimated time for the rogue?

@ajtagayun haha same here… every time i wake up the first thing i do is checking the play store haha… really excited for it :smiley:

Looking forward to the Rogue as well. Currently, all my time is spent on my Warrior building a tank that simply barrels through everything leaving only gold and treasure in his wake! I have never been interested in playing a Wizard. A throwback to playing the board game HeroQuest where the Wizard is useless.