The Running Man Build Farm Build 3.0 (Eternals Included)


mp on hit is very useful in pve if you are using aoe skills no need resource mythic just mp on hit alone :heart_eyes:


Yeah but mp on hit works very well with resource mythic such as Discordance, sometimes energy (if you use it up so fast) and alchemy especially. Even before energy was based on missing aamp%, MP on hit was even better.

Also hp on hit for bloodmagic or MP on hit. Bloodmagic has been buffed to give almost 200% increased DMG at lower HP and it can work with masochism or so. You would need enough HP to cast and resource cost so it wouldn’t be worth it and especially when there’s Push the Limit and other factors.

Bloodmagic still has some potential left in it though and for PvP it has potential as well, especially when buffed recently.


I would use energy or bloodmagic.


Bloodmagic is more costly though in PvE because doubled spell cost and other reasons. Better off with Energy /Fury. Alchemy works but again, fairly costly and only best for primary skills imo.


Earthshatter with Push the Limit is a MP wrecker. :joy:


True. Unless Terrashaper/earthshatter proc or something. I don’t know why your use earthshatter without them tbh but then again, people do.


I like the Taunt + Earthshatter Combo with Blight Effect. :joy: Fast Farm and Kill (For Me)


Yep me too. I didn’t consider it but it does sound really good.


How this build survive ?


lots of movement speed to move away from danger, and lots of poison death for the monsters. Adventurer Set and Sprint Skill give lots of extra movement speed, and Sprint Skill probably puts monsters in lots of Toxic clouds that are boosted by Poison Elemental damage and Blight. it looks like the build is used to get lots of Eternal items, and is using Stealth and Bomb Proc’s for more defense if movement isn’t fast enough. and using Glasscannon to boost damage even more. not sure about the Talents, I would have to look them up. ahh, I just read some of the replies, and he uses Taunt to control enemies, and Earthshatter to destroy the monsters that get taunted, and that means even more Poison damage and DoT’s.


I’d drop one eternal affix for christaline then you find eternals with seriously jazzy versions of epic affixes


@dickwad I know, right? I took a look at the build at the beginning of the post, and this was the best I could do to answer @gruvka question. my thought was to switch Pathfinder to Momentum, because of all the movement boosts flying around the build. I think I might have to make a Poison build just to see some Green Death Action. looks like a lot of fun.




It’s a good build but try for ephany, nadroji, eternalized and crystalline set bonuses for farming. Get fortune to 40. Everything else in destructive power and anything else left in luck so you get 1012 luck per map


or instead of Momentum, Plagued to get even more Poison damage. no matter how you look at it, it is a great build.


Plagued is great. If using eternal nadroji ring then you are stuck with shock damage. Still cool if you have elecrIfield. This game just gets more complex


use Calcite on the Eternal Nadroji Ring if you want another Element… :wink:


@Golem another trick is discovered re deadly sins set that although christaline affixes on the set don’t get bonuses… off set items with christal affixes do. The cap applies to the set affixes


wow, nice! that is a cool discovery!


I dropped an eternal ring with 200 gold find. Replaced it with the deadly sins ring and it became 250