The Seasonal Maidens' Rogue Build 🔥⚡☢❄🔮 (Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Build) {PvE} Patch 2.5


Im so Lucky :grinning::joy::grin:


Noice. Did you use crystals?


Holy wow. 1k views on my YouTube video. Thanks for watching . My other video with over 1k views was my first ever video. YouTube channel is ofc the same name as the forum name and even same profile pic.


Yes … All my sapphire crystal


Gratulerer sir cuzeg!


The reason I used brutal in my build is because I could take advantage of my 20% deadly strike or higher when frozen explosion and it’s easier . Sureshot did work but it isn’t always guaranteed to work and you won’t always have a bunch of full HP mobs suffering by constant deadly strike frozen explosions.

I’m still happy with this build though. If it were to be a farm build, some affixes would be removed but it would still be OP even as a farm hirling.


Your discordance orb is by far the most versatile build here in this forum when it comes to pvp arena. I would recommend this to all new users here that wants to experience eternal div 1 and tries to have eternal trophies. Thank u for sharing this to us.


Yep. Definitely. It worked on wizard but works even better on rogue from testing. Yep definitely recommend this to new users :slight_smile: . I’ll be honest, I learnt so much things of the arena thanks to this build that I didn’t know before even though I played arena before making that build and getting to eternal league Division 1 once.

Link for PvP build: Will of the Force- Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Rogue Build {PvP} Patch 2.5

It’s update is the last few posts.


Can you please show us the the AI SETTING if the hirling is the chakram orb rogue? Thank you sir for a wonderful build


I haven’t thought of any tbh. Your welcome though. I’m sure you’ll figure it out very well :smile:

Something like cast often and very often orb and coat skill. Chakram can be rarely or none. Yards being at least 30 or so yards or even 20. Run away from enemies at 20 or so yards.

Behaviour at 99% at least and follow hirling at 20 yards or so.


Thats exactly the way im setting my hirling rogue haha. Thank you so much again! I hope youll be sharing another awesome builds for pve and pvp.


I will try xD. But at the end of the day, I want people to learn more for themselves using the builds as guides to create better builds than me and weird but awesome combos. Basically to promote thinking for ourselves and when you think of a build idea, go with the flow on the idea and don’t doubt it until you find it doesn’t succeed.

I still have a lot to learn or discover in this game which is why I like this game as well. So many things I’ve learnt from the DQ discord group members :smile: :wink: :slight_smile: .


@CuzegSpiked how did you get the ice dmg on leather armor?been wondering abouth that for days is it via codex unlock or via ruby? cant see it on codex how many times i tried…


Codex unlock and look for Aether Wrap chest on wizard legendex. Only by codex unlock or loot drop since Ruby won’t get you 100% ED aka ice DMG in my build.


Is Living Force Set affix now useless in this build @CuzegSpiked ?


Yes. However there are plenty of alternatives. Angelic, Adventurer, Momentum, Demonic, etc. Also my Orb build definitely has improved a major amount in dmg.


Hello! @CuzegSpiked Is barbarian, push the limit and 100% ice dmg can be rolled using ruby? Thanks!


No they cannot… Sadly. you can roll these in ruby tho ,glasscannon, and 100% elem crit damage.


Hi can I ask? How to make the 3rd skill ORB instead of whirling blades? Thank you. This build is cool, this is my aim :slight_smile:


Amber crystal.