The Seasonal Maidens' Rogue Build 🔥⚡☢❄🔮 (Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Build) {PvE} Patch 2.5

Aethereal Drain isn’t recommended at all as it takes up a valuable set slot that can be used for dmg. What’s better is using 250 MP on hit with energy or MP on hit Mythstone.

So , what’s better set? …:expressionless: Plague? Or maybe rage ? But I got none crits chance :weary:

Plagued is for increasing poison dot by 125% therefore making the toxic poison cloud and blight so much more powerful.
Rage set is for using 45% crit chance with 225% Crit DMG and using that to turn 225% into 350% crit dmg.

:disappointed_relieved:. Still confused .

#Damage Calculation:

Chakram has 9750 maximum BWD at level 100. Power 299 =7475 dmg. Part of the DPS formula involves adding BWD+Power.

9750+7475=17,225 WD.
17,225 WD× 2 (100% WD)= 34,450 WD.

I didn’t add 5000 WD but I do have 25% weapon item quality.

34,450× 1.25 (25% WIQ+ 1)= 43,062.5 WD.

Now for ED. I have 300% ED on gear.

43,062.5×4 (300% ED [ICE DMG])= 172,250 Total Base Damage.
APS I won’t count in there but it does work.

Or this is the same as : (7,475+9,750 [BWD+Power)×(1+100% WD)×(1+25% WIQ)×(1+300% ED)= 172,250 Total Base Damage.

Now for the damage calculation after the orb casted:

This damage calculation is assuming the best scenario has been met but it will still deal high damage regardless.

Orbs MH is 300% instead of 200% due to Discordance. Mutilate 30 increased 50% to 72.5% on Multi Attack and Extra Attack. This 300% is also Multiplied by Identity (5) Set and Push the Limit.

Multi attack: 300%×3.9= 1170% MH %

Extra attack: 1170×1.33984375= 1,567.6171875 MH%

Identity set: 1,567.6171875%×1.625 (62.5% increase to MH%)= 2,547.3779296875 MH% DMG.

Push the Limit: 2,547.3779296875%× 1.5 (50% Push the Limit)= 3,821.0668945313 MH% DMG.

+10 All skills which is 10 orb hero points: 3,821.0668945313×1.5= 5,731.6003417969 MH% .
About 57k% MH in 11 hits.

Reactor deals: 5,731.6003417969%×0.625= 3,582.250213623 MH% DMG reactor arcs per 0.5 seconds and 5 of them.

If cosmic power and timewarp worked, I’d have dealt 5,731.6003417969%×2.43=13,927.788830566% MH DMG which in all honesty is extremely overpowered so in a way , it’s good that timewarp isn’t working lol. Same with cronos orb build and anybody’s. However that was my original goal though. Also my original goal used to be fire and shock but frozen was definitely a better choice .

Orb: 172,250× 5,731.6003417969 MH%= 9,872,681.5887451 DMG (9 Million DMG).

Barbarian: 9,872,681.5887451×1.5 (50% Barbarian )= 14,809,022.383117 DMG (14 Million).

Glasscannon: 14,809,022.383117×1.5 (50% Glasscannon)= 22,213,533.574676 DMG (22 Million)

Demonic: 22,213,533.574676× 2 (100% more DMG if enemy below 30% HP) = 44,427,067.149352 DMG (44 Million)

Living Force: 44,427,067.149352 ×2 (100% more DMG) = 88,854,134.298705 DMG (88 Million)

Exposed Mythic: 88,854,134.298705×1.5 (50% more dmg)= 133,281,201.44805 DMG (133 Million)

Relentless 30: 133,281,201.44805 ×1.675 (if you put enemies HP at 90%)= 223,246,012.42549 DMG (223 Million).

Formulaic way of calculating all the DMG multipliers : 172,250 base×(5,731.6003417969%)×(1.5)×(1.5)×(2)×(2)×(1.5)
×(1.675)= 223,246,012.42549
(223 Million DMG) .

Stack debuff 50% from warrior when he attacks 4 times: 223,246,012.42549×1.5= 334,869,018.63823 DMG (334M)

Arcanist (5) + Ascendant (5) Debuff from warrior: If 20 enemies affected, 20× 20% = ×4 (400% total DMG)…

This means:334,869,018.63823 + 334,869,018.63823×4= 1,674,345,093.1911 DMG(1.6 Billion Damage without crit dmg and we haven’t got to frostbiting yet.

Frostbiting 300% if I press coat: 1,674,345,093.1911× 4 (300% more dmg)= 6,697,380,372.7646 DMG(6 Billion max without crit).

Crit DMG: 350% crit damage cap+ 50% internal crit dmg= 400% total crit dmg.

6,697,380,372.7646× 5 (400% crit dmg total)= 33,486,901,863.823 Crit DMG (33 Billion).

Deadly strike: 33,486,901,863.823 ×2= 66,973,803,727.646 Deadly Strike DMG (66 Billion).

Weaken 90%+25% reduce resist from Effective (if enemy isn’t greatly resist)+62.5% reduce enemy resists from Ascendant:
This is a total of 177.5% reduced resist from enemies meaning they will have negative resists and they will suffer more damage than Ignore resist. -177.5% reduce resists = ×2.775 more damage to enemies. Any kind of damage will be affected this way and even more so during frozen explosion. Well actually if enemy resist is reduced by -100%, the damage i have will be more than ×1 which is more than ignore resist but not that much more.

Deadly strike damage×1.775: 66,973,803,727.646 ×1.775=118,878,501,616.57 DMG(118B). Or maybe it’s 66,973,803,727.646×2.775=185,852,305,344.21 (185B).

Either way, it does sometimes explain how i kill epic enemies quicker than i expected without frozen.

#If enemy dies of Ice frozen explosion:

Frozen explosion would deal 125% dmg so: 118,878,501,616.57×2.25= 267,476,628,637.28 DMG (267 Billion).

The explosion does get buffed by frostbiting as it hits frozen enemies so: 267,476,628,637.28×4= 1,069,906,514,549.1 DMG (1 Trillion or 1Tr for short ).

This 1 Trillion is in normal damage but if in crit dmg or deadly strike, over 5 or 10 Trillion which is possible and even easier with Arcanist with Ascendant and weaken. It does explain how i got Quadrillion or Quintillion before and even a very rare Sextillion Damage! That 5 Trillion crit or 10 Trillion deadly could easily trigger a chain frozen explosion that constantly multiplied by frostbiting and Crits/deadly spike up.

Possibly relentless and Demonic Spike it up so much too.

This is only if 20 enemies affected by Arcanist and even then, I’d still get very high damage , especially due to hit frequency as well.

If it’s first explosions or poison explosions, the damage in dot would be 40% of that frozen damage in fire dot and 100% of that 40% in immolate. For poison, it would be 12.5% of that in dot and 400% of that by toxic cloud.

#Fire Frozen Explosion Scenario

Fire dot If fire Frozen explosions and Immolate happens if I press coat: 40% of 1,069,906,514,549.1 =427,962,605,819.64 (427 B fire DOT DMG. In crit, easily more than trillion or 2 crit dmg and deadly being 4 trillion or more.

Immolate: 100% of Fire DOT= 427,962,605,819.64 DMG also.

Combined Immolate and Fire DOT: 855,925,211,639.28 (800B per second for 2 to 4 seconds or even more if Crit and Deadly like 4 Trillion or 8 Trillion and Counting per second).

#Poison Frozen Explosion Scenario

Poison DOT: 12.5% of 1,069,906,514,549.1 (1 Tr)= 133,738,314,318.63 (133B) per 1 second of 8 seconds.

Toxic Poison cloud: 400% of 133,738,314,318.63= 133,738,314,318.63×4= 534,953,257,274.52 (534B Toxic Cloud)

Easily 600 Billion or 3 Trillion Crit or 6 Trillion deadly strike.

This scenario like this could happen if survivers happen and it could be trillions or more damage.

#Shock Explosion Scenario combined with frozen

1,069,906,514,549.1 (1 Tr) × 1.125 (12.5% stack debuff each frozen and shock explosion) = 1,203,644,828,867.7 (1.2 Trillion).

Technically I could use Plagued Set in my build but it’s too dependant on enemies weak to poison dying.

If I didn’t want to be dependant on Arcanist, I could just remove Arcanist and add set like Permafrost or so and maybe a way to get more crit dmg with less slot and 6× of the elements nature. Rage too.

I do prefer Effective when compared to Ascendant as ascendant can interrupt the frozen enemies whilst the effective keeps my orb the Ice Element, freezing the enemies and dealing the enemies weakness and when erosions, the enemies weakness element can be spiked up with frostbiting as it hits other frozen enemies and weaken with Ascendant or so.

Or you could use Ascendant pet instead of pathfinder and not use hirling or be less dependant on hirling for high Dmg.

Crushing blow doesn’t let me show all the possible numbers but I think this build will do great even without crushing blow until you reach a certain floor which requires it.

I’m unsure if other variables such as Blight or so could happen as well as Frostbiting when other elements come from Effective but I’m guessing that only frostbiting is the multiplier which is perfectly fine.


Weaknesses is 90% reduce enemy resist. Effective makes it so the attack reduces resist by enemies weakness which is 25% (unless it’s a greatly resist enemy). -25% monster resistence by effective (or more if greatly resists enemies or less even) -90% weaken = -115% resist.

This means ×2.15 the original damage

With Ascendant (5), this -115% turns to -177.5% which means ×2.775 the damage.

I’m fairly positive with these percentage calculation and to cite, it’s the calculation from Midlumers Guide. The ascendant one is my own idea of it.

Ignore resist could work in this build for cheaper crystals but Effective and Weaken I definitely can say yield so much more damage. I don’t regret using Effective indeed.

Yeah the elemental immune monsters are immune to the elemental crit such as some legend or mythic enemies(aka frozen but if the frozen explosions happen, they will suffer the brunt of the damage still and not immune to the orbs damage with the crushing blow). This means immune enemies no problemo.

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Great build!! Almost exactly how I would have implemented Disc Orb for Rogue :relaxed: really good, thanks for sharing :blush:

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Your welcome :blush: :heart_eyes: :yum: :wink: :trophy: .

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Superb @CuzegSpiked

Very well Organized, explained and important supporting details!!

Bravo +1

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guys whats generally better barbarian, glasscannon, or push the limits? and plz rank them in order from best to worst
thxs have a nice day :kissing_heart:

Glasscanon=more dmg but less hp
Barbarian=more dmg but less resource
PTL = more dmg but more skill cost

If your about to use glasscanon you are about to invest survivability in mana or stealth.

If your about to use barbarian you are having buttload of mp and a fury/energy mythic

If PTL your gonna use skills with low skill cost , I don’t exactly know the rating all are good in boosting dmg. It’s up to the build :slight_smile:

Glasscanon works well with manashield with tons of mp/mp Regen/mp leach/mp on hit

Barbarian works with having fury with high mp and hp and if your a rouge this will fit with stealth.(30)

PTL is a real kicker , PvP . With good combination of resources this will be good

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Why not use all 3?

Push the Limit: More MH% and OH% damage at once by x%. This is massive. For example, if you have 750% meteor damage, with 50% push the limit, you can increase this to 1125% meteor damage. With hero point 20 combined, 2250% MH% dmg. This can also apply to cosmic orb and offhands like torrents, etc. Especially procs to. Increase your MH% and OH% but at increased skill cost.
This applies to primary skills and secondary skills of MH% and OH% as well as procs and mythics on gear. It works kind of like how Identity adds 62.5% to skills of different class but 50% to skills of any type.

Glasscannon: more DMG output but less HP. 50% glasscannon means you will deal 50% more of all damage output but your HP will be cut by 50%.

Barbarian; Similar to glasscannon but if you have 50% barbarian, cuts your MP by 50% but you deal 50% more overall damage output.

Barbarian and Glasscannon are like the legend affix pure damage boost before the sets like momentum and demonic for example but work a similar way.

Push the limit works like how hero points increase skills. It’s even more significant with Discordance. For my orb build especially like my PvP and PvE version like this one. It’s a must have in my opinion unless you can’t have it due to MP running out reasons.

This build here uses all 3 tbh.

In PvP, it’s a different story as it’s dependant on what build you make. Glasscannon even though at 18% is still significant at reducing your HP by 18% but if you don’t mind that, 18% more DMG on a slot.
Barbarian you can use in any PvP build but you will halve MP by 18% in PvP. If you can deal with that, 18% more DMG. It’s a nice alternative to glasscannon or you can combine the two if you like.

For push the limit in PvP, well that’s commonly used but you increase your MH% and OH% of all procs, mythics, Primarys and secondary skills meaning all your damage dealers are increased by 18% and your damage output becomes so much more. Even 18% is enough but 36% meaning 2 PTL affixes is even better.

But if you can use all 3 in your build and still function very well in PvE and PvP or one of the other, then you can go for it.

Can frozen be rolled even if I’m a wizard or warrior?

looking forward to copy this build , wish me luck . Farming in progresssssss .

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It only rolls on rogue items but if you build a wizard version of this build which is in this link below, you can switch the rogue item with frozen from Amethyst to Wizard or Warrior :

A warrior frozen build which isn’t orbs but is still extremely powerful but it would need a lot of revamping for 2.5. It’s still very good though when revamped for today and even back then.

Good luck! Be sure to save up some crystals !

i have crafted all of that set .

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wow you got tons of crystal mate

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I’m sure some of you may have tried this sometime but even though i used insane MH% orb and hit frequency, you can make this same build but using Discordance chakram Twister spam because Twister is extremely powerful for discordance and that Large AOE.

Other skills could include storm if you like storm skill and some other Mainhand special skill people love using, especially when used with discordance.

Great example of discordance twister I found with juicy twister video that I enjoyed.

But obviously I have frozen and Effective and this build is old but can be easily revamped.

If you’re up for it, discordance aftermath where you do shatter and meteor but replacing reactor with Aftermath. You will be same damage as you do with orb on this build (over 4000% MH is insane!) per meteor (and option to spam meteor when necessary for so many taunts and crater after damage but less hit frequency.

In the end , hit frequency matters a lot to high floor.

Another option with this build you can try is using vault bomb to move like crazy and elemental crit whilst complete food quick but that’s totally optional. Also Nova Mythic is useful if you want but that’s completely optional optional. This option I used a lot before my PvP days with Discordance Orb but Vial for coat I preferred.

Curiosity question.
MS? And curious about adventurer and momentum build MS dmg boost? Any suggestion or comment about TIA! :grinning::grinning::grinning: