The Seasonal Maidens' Rogue Build 🔥⚡☢❄🔮 (Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Build) {PvE} Patch 2.5

guys whats generally better barbarian, glasscannon, or push the limits? and plz rank them in order from best to worst
thxs have a nice day :kissing_heart:

Glasscanon=more dmg but less hp
Barbarian=more dmg but less resource
PTL = more dmg but more skill cost

If your about to use glasscanon you are about to invest survivability in mana or stealth.

If your about to use barbarian you are having buttload of mp and a fury/energy mythic

If PTL your gonna use skills with low skill cost , I don’t exactly know the rating all are good in boosting dmg. It’s up to the build :slight_smile:

Glasscanon works well with manashield with tons of mp/mp Regen/mp leach/mp on hit

Barbarian works with having fury with high mp and hp and if your a rouge this will fit with stealth.(30)

PTL is a real kicker , PvP . With good combination of resources this will be good

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Why not use all 3?

Push the Limit: More MH% and OH% damage at once by x%. This is massive. For example, if you have 750% meteor damage, with 50% push the limit, you can increase this to 1125% meteor damage. With hero point 20 combined, 2250% MH% dmg. This can also apply to cosmic orb and offhands like torrents, etc. Especially procs to. Increase your MH% and OH% but at increased skill cost.
This applies to primary skills and secondary skills of MH% and OH% as well as procs and mythics on gear. It works kind of like how Identity adds 62.5% to skills of different class but 50% to skills of any type.

Glasscannon: more DMG output but less HP. 50% glasscannon means you will deal 50% more of all damage output but your HP will be cut by 50%.

Barbarian; Similar to glasscannon but if you have 50% barbarian, cuts your MP by 50% but you deal 50% more overall damage output.

Barbarian and Glasscannon are like the legend affix pure damage boost before the sets like momentum and demonic for example but work a similar way.

Push the limit works like how hero points increase skills. It’s even more significant with Discordance. For my orb build especially like my PvP and PvE version like this one. It’s a must have in my opinion unless you can’t have it due to MP running out reasons.

This build here uses all 3 tbh.

In PvP, it’s a different story as it’s dependant on what build you make. Glasscannon even though at 18% is still significant at reducing your HP by 18% but if you don’t mind that, 18% more DMG on a slot.
Barbarian you can use in any PvP build but you will halve MP by 18% in PvP. If you can deal with that, 18% more DMG. It’s a nice alternative to glasscannon or you can combine the two if you like.

For push the limit in PvP, well that’s commonly used but you increase your MH% and OH% of all procs, mythics, Primarys and secondary skills meaning all your damage dealers are increased by 18% and your damage output becomes so much more. Even 18% is enough but 36% meaning 2 PTL affixes is even better.

But if you can use all 3 in your build and still function very well in PvE and PvP or one of the other, then you can go for it.

Can frozen be rolled even if I’m a wizard or warrior?

looking forward to copy this build , wish me luck . Farming in progresssssss .

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It only rolls on rogue items but if you build a wizard version of this build which is in this link below, you can switch the rogue item with frozen from Amethyst to Wizard or Warrior :

A warrior frozen build which isn’t orbs but is still extremely powerful but it would need a lot of revamping for 2.5. It’s still very good though when revamped for today and even back then.

Good luck! Be sure to save up some crystals !

i have crafted all of that set .

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wow you got tons of crystal mate

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I’m sure some of you may have tried this sometime but even though i used insane MH% orb and hit frequency, you can make this same build but using Discordance chakram Twister spam because Twister is extremely powerful for discordance and that Large AOE.

Other skills could include storm if you like storm skill and some other Mainhand special skill people love using, especially when used with discordance.

Great example of discordance twister I found with juicy twister video that I enjoyed.

But obviously I have frozen and Effective and this build is old but can be easily revamped.

If you’re up for it, discordance aftermath where you do shatter and meteor but replacing reactor with Aftermath. You will be same damage as you do with orb on this build (over 4000% MH is insane!) per meteor (and option to spam meteor when necessary for so many taunts and crater after damage but less hit frequency.

In the end , hit frequency matters a lot to high floor.

Another option with this build you can try is using vault bomb to move like crazy and elemental crit whilst complete food quick but that’s totally optional. Also Nova Mythic is useful if you want but that’s completely optional optional. This option I used a lot before my PvP days with Discordance Orb but Vial for coat I preferred.

Curiosity question.
MS? And curious about adventurer and momentum build MS dmg boost? Any suggestion or comment about TIA! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I used to use MS but i chose Demonic to save slots instead of momentum+MS. But you can do momentum+ adventurer plus coat+stealth for very high MS and DMG.

What i mean of your rogue, if its enough to run that fast from side to side

What do you mean?

Well if you want fast movement, you can replace vial with Bomb for vault because that used to be my previous setup but you’ll have to add Elemental Crit Legend Affixes . Obviously hero points into vault instead of coat.

A good affix to replace for elemental crit is : 75% crit DMG as you can do crazy damage even with 285% Crit DMG (Technically 335% because of hidden 50% internal crit DMG or ×4.35 DMG in crit).

Obviously you can use Rage Set if you’re that worried about Crit DMG but I think 285% Crit is enough. How I have 285% crit DMG. 6× Strength Nature and 225% Crit DMG Crystal Affix.

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Awesome! Nc! Learned a lot definitely will copy some of those… Also that dota wtf moments tho… Hahahah

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Hi @CuzegSpiked just wondering about your warrior, could you atleast give me a screenshot of your warrior. Because im having a hard time that my warrior hireling could not get up close to enemies because of its Low HP and Dodge and the Ascendent could not take effect on enemies (My Rogue main toon has Arcanist) and while watching this video, I think you warrior could move close to enemies and can take effect of its Ascendent with Wrath. could you screenshot the Gears of your Warrior ? Please ?

My warrior is a fortune bringer. Well I didn’t post it because it doesn’t have to be a specific warrior on my build. The hirling can be any warrior type but with ascendant as pet and as long as he can move around. so a battle mage warrior/charge or KnightsCharge warrior. Any warrior that moves.

Hirling can also be iceburn+Ascendant wizard+manashield.

My warrior did have some HP but I removed some of the gears so it has low HP. It still does its job at being a debuffer warrior and nothing more. It’s a farm warrior.

This is the build I copied. Albeit I did add Battle Mage, Fauns Gift, etc. Although I did replace with Nadroji and bonus.

Still the pet remains ascendant instead of plagued but I have 1.8M HP although when I changed it to Nadroji bonus, I had a bit less HP. 181k instead. However I have 3000 resist which is ok.

But the warrior doesn’t need to survive that much as all it needs to do is put wrath , move around and place stack Debuff.

Wizard move with manashield to apply Ascendant through iceburn .

But hirling can literally be anything you want but as long as it has Ascendant and shock attacks and placing Debuff by either attacks or effects like iceburn or Wrath 20 talent.

I was lazy not to do much about hirling really because I was doing pretty well without hirling and the hirling Debuff was just a way to boost efficiency and damage.

Originally this was a solo build but I chose hirling to be more efficient with my frozen explosions because Arcanist and Ascendant on rogue does ruin the Frozen and it takes up slots for valuable damage boost to MH% and DMG.

I definitely needed that Identity boost.

For hirling , just make sure it helps the rogue in some form. Add some block and dodge along with epiphany. Optional it can be farm build too.

#Final Note

If anybody wants to use this build without hirlings, you can remove Arcanist and replace it with Permafrost or even Momentum as coat and stealth both have 40% MS which goes really well with momentum. If you don’t mind using arcanist(+Ascendant, so be it.

Or you can replace Arcanist with Rage set affix and replace nature with of the elements for 30% extra ED%.

Thanks cuzeg.

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Me i use arcanist + ascrndant + momentum = GG