The Seasonal Maidens' Rogue Build 🔥⚡☢❄🔮 (Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Build) {PvE} Patch 2.5



Warning: This build will be very expensive in crystals and not for people without a great farm build to farm the huge amounts of crystals needed let alone the legends.

I called this build the Seasonal Maidens’ because I got the idea from this animated web series by Roosterteeth called RWBY.
It’s because it’s a rogue who is a she and the elements represent the seasons in some way. Winter being ice and ice is the primary element to cause violent frozen explosions and crazy high damage, Spring being poison, Summer being fire and Autumn being Shock (aka lightning). There are 4 seasonal maidens.

Spring is gentle and poison is a soothing way to kill. Summer is the violent fiery way to kill. Autumn being the violent lightning and obviously winter is frozen explosions.

I could have also called this build Winter’s Rage or Weiss Schnee (German for snow white and she is a character in RWBY). You could also call this Explosion (reference to Konosuba Anime where Megumin creates explosions a lot).

The reason why there are more than one element is because when enemies die and I have Effective Mythic , they explode into the enemy’s weakness. If enemies weakness is fire, Fiery explosions and if they survive the huge trillion or more damage explosions, they will suffer dot of trillion or so damage and same other other elements in their own ways like trillion poison dot or lightning damage with stack debuff.

Now onto the Build:


  • Arcanist (5): You may be wondering: Why don't I have Ascendant on the build to go with Arcanist? Well actually I do, it's on my warrior hirling as Ascendant pet and he casts it using Wrath Talent and Arcanist on rogue actually works with it. Good reason why I put it there is for that 20% Total DMG per enemies which is huge for my build and a great way to increase damage without taking up a second set slot on rogue for Ascendant to compliment Arcanist.
  • Reactor (5): Reactor (5) is a great choice for an orb build and is still a lot of damage. The arcs cast every 0.5 seconds and deal 62.5% of my orb dmg. It already deals 62.5% of my 5390.04375%MH MH orb so around 3368.77734375% MH per 0.5 seconds.

    What’s even better is that the Reactor has a long range and shoots 5 reactor arcs to enemies. Freezes enemies even when I don’t see them on screen. What’s more is I can spam the orbs for crazy damage.

  • Living Force (5): This set I chose so the orbs last much longer meaning more damage and longer time to last in freezing enemies for a frozen parade. On return, the orb will deal 100% more DMG which is huge. Combined with Demonic and Arcanist with many other great ways to damage and you can see why it's a "force" (dat pun tho) to be reckoned with.
  • Demonic (5): I chose this set because it reduces the healing of the mobs at high floors which can mean better crushing blows at very high floors.

    Also it’s similar to Relentless but below 30% HP of the enemies, my DMG goes up by 100% which is huge and great combined with Relentless, Living force and Frostbiting.

    I chose Demonic over Momentum and with Living force because less cost and far more DMG which matters most for when the enemies die anyways as the frozen is the biggest damage. If it hadn’t been added though, i’d have used Momentum or Permafrost.

  • Identity (5): I chose this set for great reason as this increases my orb MH by 62.5% which is huge. This is because the Orb is a Wizard Special Skill and since i'm using Rogue Class, this set applies.
  • Frozen (5): This is the heart of the build and the aftermath after the enemies die from insane hit frequency of Cosmic Orb and Orb and the insane DPS from them. The enemies die for 125% explosion per Frozen explosion. Obviously the enemies have to be frozen and to do that, the Ice Orb hits the enemies and I use the Vial for the Coat skill to make sure the enemies are frozen so when they die, they explode.

    Usually the explosions are in ice but since I use Effective Mythic, they explode as the enemies weakness. Each explosion can be spiked up in damage by the Frostbiting Legend Affix as well as Crit Damage and Deadly Strikes and the Effective Mythic spikes up damage a lot too. If the enemies survive the explosions, they can die of the leftover which could be poison cloud or immolate of trillion damage or so.

  • Pathfinder (5): This pet I chose for the Pathfinder 37.5% damage as I have 60% dodge. 62.5% of 60% dodge= 37.5%+ increased damage. This pet has the relentless and mutilate talent on there too but that's completely optional and the 250 mp on hit which really helps.
  • #Hirling set:

  • Ascendant (5): This set I put on my warrior Ascendant pet because it gives an arcane debuff which can work alongside Hirling. Also a neat way of saving slot on my rogue. My warrior is farming warrior but for debuffing with stack debuff (shock) and arcane debuff for Arcanist on rogue to work and the 62.5% reduce resist on enemies to go with Weaken+Effective .


  • Cosmic Orb: High hit frequency ( 10 from the strands and 10 from the centre so 20 hit frequency and combined with orb hit frequency 10 along with 5 reactor for 35 hits per second or more). It has wide AOE for freezing enemies which is vital and destroys the TNT props.
  • Exposed: Once pierced, the enemies take 50% more DMG from all things that damage. Extremely useful for getting enemies to freeze and the Frozen explosions. I could also use Brutal Mythic for 3x Deadly Strike instead of 2 for more spike damage but it's chance instead of a guarantee like the 50% more dmg as orb already pierces and Cosmic Orb.
  • Discordance: Switches the orb 200% MH with the chakrams 300% MH as well as the mana cost of the Chakram as well as allowing Multi Attack and Extra Attack to work on the Orb Special skill or any special skill for that matter. The orb will be 2 second cooldown though due to Chakram's cooldown being 2 seconds. 45% Reduced CD along with Dexterity 20 hero points can make this skill spammable for less than one second. This is how I can get crazy Orb MH% damage.
  • Effective: This mythic can make my orb deal the damage of the enemies weakness during damage calculation and crucial for spike damage. I tried this mythic out of curiousity and it did not disappoint. If the enemy is weak to an element, their resist is -25% their original. Combined with 90% weaken to get enemies resist reduced by 115% (if not facing enemies greatly resist) and with Ascendant for nearly -200% or so. I don't know the exact calculations but i'm positive that it's not just 25% more damage.

    Easily can make negative resists on enemies. I could deal maybe twice the original damage as well due to that and extreme damage for frozen.
    If the Frozen Explosion changes to other element like fire for enemies weak to fire and I press coat, the frozen explosions will be fiery. It will get buffed by the frostbiting spiking up with the crit/deadly strike for spike damage.
    I think it’s far better than using Ignore Resists or Effective+Ignore Resist

    If enemies survive a fiery explosion or poisonous explosion, they will easily suffer Trillion or so fire or poison dot, toxic and immolate.

    If it’s shock explosions, each frozen explosion would be buffed by Frostbiting easily combined with Stack debuff which that alone is extremely powerful too along with crits and deadly strike for spike damage.

    If enemies weakness is ice, the explosions will be ice as normal.

#Crystal Affixes

  • 30% Dodge: This crystal affix for 30% more dodge and dodge is crucial for surviving high floors as HP isn't going to cut it. I will already have dodge from power 299 as rogue with the 10% dodge from dexterity and 30% from crystal affix. In total, I will have capped out at 60% dodge. For stealth, it makes you dodge things by 100% if you have 50% or more dodge. How? 50% dodge *2 = 100% dodge, meaning in stealth mode, you are unharmed generally. Stealth also lasts a considerable amount of time because it's stealth 30 in hero points. After all, Stealth doubles dodge.
  • 30% Crushing Blow: Cursing Blow is best for high floors when your own damage isnt enough and it's easy way to kill enemies that high on floor , especially with the hit frequency of my Orbs and Cosmic Orbs. I may not need at floor 1400 though but it's helpful and a must have generally .
  • 45% Reduced CD : To reduce the CD of my orb since it's 2 seconds due to Discordance and Chakram. Buff said.
  • 45% Crit Chance: To make sure my attacks crit often. With 10% base crit chance, that makes me have 55% crit chance which means almost 100% of my attacks will crit. Crit is extremely important for spike damage and especially deadly strike. Even though Coat does have crit chance from hero points, this is safeguard and I had it there because I used the vault skill instead of coat.
  • 225% Crit Damage: Nuff Said. 225% extra crit damage to help get to maximum crit dmg at 350% cap. In addition, I have 6× strength nature for a further 60% crit damage for 285% crit damage. Then I have epic 75% crit damage on gear to easily get 350% crit dmg.

    I do also have permafrost pet with crit dmg (multiples actually) so that can be used too . Another thing is that the internal crit damage is actually 50% with no added crit damage on gear so added 350% crit damage means 350%+50%= 400% Total Crit damage. Great with deadly strike and I could have also used Dextrous 20 Talent to add 200% more crit damage instead of Deadeye 20 for 20% deadly strike.

  • 90% Weaken: A way to severely reduce enemies resists by 90% or more. Combined with effective and it's an extremely powerful force. I definitely think it's better than Ignore Resist and even the immune enemies seem to die in my hands regardless.

Legend Affixes

  • 3× 100% Frostbiting for total of 300%: 300% Frostbiting can make my orb damage deal 300% increased damage on frozen enemies which is massive and essentially 4× my original orb damage. If frozen enemies explode, the explosion gets effected by Frostbiting if the explosion touches another frozen enemies, spiking up the explosion extremely well along with crits and deadly strikes for very high damage. Trillions or more damage from explosions.
  • 2× +2 Multi Attack : 2 of the 2 Multi Attack affixes for a total of 4 Multi Attack which is cap. Combined with mutilate 30, the 50% increase per multi attack turns into 72.5% (65% if you use mutilate 20). 4×72.5% = 2.9. 2.9+1= ×3.9 . The orbs MH will be multiplied by ×3.9 (almost 4 times which is HUGE!). With mutilate 20, it's ×3.6 but I decided an extra mutilate is nice.
  • 3× 100% ED (ICE DMG) : High WD can multiply the base WD of the chakram which was already multiplied by 100% WD and power 299 added to it. Generally the right amount for any kind of Elemental Build or any build for that matter. ED and WD attack and combined as DMG at the same time when you cast orb.
  • 1× 100% WD: To multiply my Chakram base damage which is 9750 and it doubles it. Well that 9750 is added to the 299 power which is total 7475 DMG. The base dmg +power 299×2 = Total WD. I'll Explain in my damage Calculation post next and really tell you what I mean.
  • 50% Push The Limit : To increase my orb MH% DMG by 50% which is huge boost to the orb which is the main DMG dealer of the build . Must have! The cost isn't that big of a deal with the mana I got and the MP on hit either .
  • 50% Glasscannon: HP doesn't matter at high floors as you'll get one shot regardless and even if you tried, it would waste too many slots and not enough damage like this build. Along with barbarian, great way to multiply the DMG that comes out of the orb by 50% each.
  • 50% Barbarian: The twin brother of Glasscannon because it also increase the orbs DMG output by 50% DMG. It's definitely better than 2× Glasscannon .

#Epic Affixes

  • 1× 5000 MP: More mana the better. Although it's best to have eternal pet with 10k mana or a pet with mana and this slot . Still, 1× 5000MP is enough. Reason being I'm using the Barbarian Legend affix which reduces Mana by 50% and this affix at least lets me cast stealth and orb as well. Not many worries of running out due to MP on hit.
  • 1× 75% Crit DMG : To add 75% crit along with the 6× nature for 60% crit dmg and 225% crit dmg to get total 350% cap.

    #Legend Pet Epic Affixes

  • 1× 250 MP on hit: With the hit frequency of this build, heal as many mana as possible.
  • 10 Relentless : An extra Relentless is always nice. Completely optional but it's nice having 25% more dmg from relentless.
  • 10 Mutilate: An Extra Mutilate is nice and helpful for a Discordance Build. It turns 30% into 45% added to 50% dmg from Multi and Extra Attack. Makes 50% dmg to 72.5% dmg from Multi and Extra Attack which is very helpful.
  • 1× 10% bleed chance: Just there. Didn't intend it.
  • 1× 15% Attack Speed: Nothing special and don't really need it. Still, whatever.


  • 2× +2 All Sets: 2 of these get to the cap +4 All Sets which is what turns the set numbers (1) to (5) because 1+4=5 . This is 2 Elixir Mythstones. You could use Legend affix version like the Haunting Amulet to save one Elixir Mythstone.
  • 2× +5 All Skills: To increase the hero points of **All** Skills meaning 20 hero points in coat with stealth 20 into 30 and chakram at 10. This also applies to my Orb. My orb will get 50% more MH% Dmg as well as 10% increase to hit frequency making my orb hit 0.09 seconds which means 11 hits per second. The spell size also becomes 10% bigger but projectile speed is 25% less. This is 2 Elixir Mythstone though so it's expensive. Expensive but worth it.
  • +4 Extra Attack: To increase my orbs MH% a lot and goes great with mutilate.

    (0.725+0.3625+0.18125+0.090625)= 1.359375. 1.359375÷4= 0.33984375. 0.33984375+1= ×1.33984375.

    That’s right, the orbs MH% increased by +33.984375% MH . It seems to make orb hit 4 times somewhere in it’s hit frequency but hard to tell.


  • Relentless 30: Increase DMG by 75% of enemies missing HP. Great with crushing blow and Frozen set. If enemies left with 90% HP gone, you are gonna deal 67.5% more DMG.
  • Mutilate 30: Increase Multi Attack and Extra Attack 50% dmg into 72.5% as that 50% is increased by 45%.
  • Ring Talent Remedy 20: Not many ring talent to use so anything will do but it won't contribute anything. Maybe remedy could work with Harmony. However remedy gives too small heal for harmony .
  • Deadeye 20 : 20% deadly strike for free. Could use Dextrous 20 as well for +200% crit dmg on dodge (works well with stealth) but it's up to you. Or you could use both but you'd need to change a crystal affix for deadly strike.

#Hero Points
20 Dexterity, 20 Coat , 20 Stealth, 20 Intelligence and rest on whatever you choose like fortune. Maybe another rogue proc like smoke bomb if you like.

#Stat Points

Power 299. Nuff said. Since it’s DPS build, the other slots aren’t worth putting. Also extra dodge as well as DMG.


Walk like you do, cast orb and press coat when enemy hit. Instantly freezes. Only use stealth in emergency because stealth also halves your overall Dmg but it’s still a lot of DMG but it protect you 100% because of 100% dodge (50% dodge ×2=100%).
If you want to speed through the map, only go for cartographer while destroying enemies in the way. If enemies explode, press coat just in case any survive and then they die of the elemental crit of any element like fire for eg.

Hirling warrior applies arcane debuff from Ascendant pet and if it attacks, it slide stack debuff from shock.

You could also do this on solo gameplay but you’d have to remove Arcanist or remove some other set affix for Ascendant . It’s still very powerful even without it. I didn’t like the rage affix because it it only gave me some crit dmg but no more than that.

#Here’s gameplay video:

If you like challenge, you can do skyfall map or map with leech and regen nerf. I can do any challenge map though.

#One more note:

You can try this build in other forms just like how cronos Dama Dama No Mi had other forms such as Frozen Throne.


Fire :fire:Mode - Wildfire Summer Maiden: Fire mode or Devilpillar mode as cronos orb build called it but I’ll call this mode Wildfire Summer Maiden. To do this, replace Frozen with Inferno and Pathfinder with Vampiric Touch. It’s fun seeing the mobs burn quickly like birthday candles! Switch Ice​ Element to Fire.

Arcane🔮 mode - Salem the Wicked Witch: Arcane Mode which is so many Arcane Orbits and this mode can be called Salem the Wicked Witch . Arcanist+ Ascendant over Frozen set can work but another set to replace frozen set in Arcane mode is Momentum for MS DMG as my coat skill already gives so much MS or adventurer +Momentum pet. Lots of orbit DMG! Switch Ice Element to Arcane.

Poison :radioactive: mode - Nuclear Spring Maiden: This mode can be Nuclear Spring Maiden as Poison looks like nukes of radiation in cartoons. Use Plagued instead of Frozen and do what you like. Druidic won’t be used due to needing a lot of Regen but you will still deal really high poison cloud DMG without Druidic thanks to Arcanist+Ascendant. It may not be the same as Frozen but it will still do something. Switch Ice Element to Poison.

Shock :zap: Mode - Destructive Fall Maiden’s Vengeance: Shock mode can be the Destructive Fall Maiden’s Vengeance. You can make this effective by using Vampiric Touch and bleed by razored or by other means to make use of High Voltage, and Stack Debuff. Switch Ice Element to Shock.

Pure Ice :snowflake:mode - Winter Maiden’s Wrath: Pure ice mode will be called Winter Maiden’s Wrath. This is also without Effective but it’s generally pure Ice mode. But you obviously use Frozen. Optional is Permafrost pet. Keep Ice Element.

Other modes can be Fire with stun and High Voltage or Ice with stun and High Voltage too or Poison with high voltage.

For each respective modes, it’s basically changing up all 6 Ice Element to the other elements you want and changing up the frozen set and/or some other set to use for those Elements.

This build is the seasonal Maidens’ Build as it gives off other elements when the enemies die by Effective Mythic even though the most powerful attack is frozen attack first. The other elements represent the other seasons apart from Winter (Main Ice Attack) when enemies die.


nice build finally with demonic set affix :slight_smile:

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Does epiphany bonus activates w/o epiphany set affix?

Yes. Without set affix Epiphany. However you’d need the build to have more attack speed.

Thnx! I’m making build too :smile: :wink: a PvE one, remember the calamity build?

I’ve always wanted to get this out here for ages, ever since cronos made his Dama Dama No Mi and his Frozen Throne. However this build deals far more damage than those builds despite the chakram CD limitations.

I had this build idea since 2.3 but I kept on adapting it , especially when Arcanist just came out and Demonic. Then I tested Effective Mythic and it’s extremely awesome and powerful!

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Oh yeah. I remember. I didn’t come to make it though since I was busy.

This is my normal power . It does indeed change though with Arcanist+ Ascendant like in the video. Also this build will work the same way even if the Rogue is hirling.

This is the highest I’ve got but I can definitely get higher. It’s a case of rounding up all the enemies, let the enemies be affected by wrath and the arcane debuff applies. With warrior as hirling, it’s not easy but not too hard. If rogue is hirling, you can do that still but you will still need to gather so many enemies.

My warrior attacks the enemies with shock which can make the attack increase by stack debuff! 50% more dmg is massive and if enemies weakeness is shock, 100% more DMG.

The warrior is purely for debuff. Doesn’t have anything worthy of DPS . Also it’s a farm build called fortune bringer.

Sir what is better with aetherial drain? Fury or energy?

Help me make it :innocent: pls?

Aethereal Drain isn’t recommended at all as it takes up a valuable set slot that can be used for dmg. What’s better is using 250 MP on hit with energy or MP on hit Mythstone.

So , what’s better set? …:expressionless: Plague? Or maybe rage ? But I got none crits chance :weary:

Plagued is for increasing poison dot by 125% therefore making the toxic poison cloud and blight so much more powerful.
Rage set is for using 45% crit chance with 225% Crit DMG and using that to turn 225% into 350% crit dmg.

:disappointed_relieved:. Still confused .

#Damage Calculation:

Chakram has 9750 maximum BWD at level 100. Power 299 =7475 dmg. Part of the DPS formula involves adding BWD+Power.

9750+7475=17,225 WD.
17,225 WD× 2 (100% WD)= 34,450 WD.

I didn’t add 5000 WD but I do have 25% weapon item quality.

34,450× 1.25 (25% WIQ+ 1)= 43,062.5 WD.

Now for ED. I have 300% ED on gear.

43,062.5×4 (300% ED [ICE DMG])= 172,250 Total Base Damage.
APS I won’t count in there but it does work.

Or this is the same as : (7,475+9,750 [BWD+Power)×(1+100% WD)×(1+25% WIQ)×(1+300% ED)= 172,250 Total Base Damage.

Now for the damage calculation after the orb casted:

This damage calculation is assuming the best scenario has been met but it will still deal high damage regardless.

Orbs MH is 300% instead of 200% due to Discordance. Mutilate 30 increased 50% to 72.5% on Multi Attack and Extra Attack. This 300% is also Multiplied by Identity (5) Set and Push the Limit.

Multi attack: 300%×3.9= 1170% MH %

Extra attack: 1170×1.33984375= 1,567.6171875 MH%

Identity set: 1,567.6171875%×1.625 (62.5% increase to MH%)= 2,547.3779296875 MH% DMG.

Push the Limit: 2,547.3779296875%× 1.5 (50% Push the Limit)= 3,821.0668945313 MH% DMG.

+10 All skills which is 10 orb hero points: 3,821.0668945313×1.5= 5,731.6003417969 MH% .
About 57k% MH in 11 hits.

Reactor deals: 5,731.6003417969%×0.625= 3,582.250213623 MH% DMG reactor arcs per 0.5 seconds and 5 of them.

If cosmic power and timewarp worked, I’d have dealt 5,731.6003417969%×2.43=13,927.788830566% MH DMG which in all honesty is extremely overpowered so in a way , it’s good that timewarp isn’t working lol. Same with cronos orb build and anybody’s. However that was my original goal though. Also my original goal used to be fire and shock but frozen was definitely a better choice .

Orb: 172,250× 5,731.6003417969 MH%= 9,872,681.5887451 DMG (9 Million DMG).

Barbarian: 9,872,681.5887451×1.5 (50% Barbarian )= 14,809,022.383117 DMG (14 Million).

Glasscannon: 14,809,022.383117×1.5 (50% Glasscannon)= 22,213,533.574676 DMG (22 Million)

Demonic: 22,213,533.574676× 2 (100% more DMG if enemy below 30% HP) = 44,427,067.149352 DMG (44 Million)

Living Force: 44,427,067.149352 ×2 (100% more DMG) = 88,854,134.298705 DMG (88 Million)

Exposed Mythic: 88,854,134.298705×1.5 (50% more dmg)= 133,281,201.44805 DMG (133 Million)

Relentless 30: 133,281,201.44805 ×1.675 (if you put enemies HP at 90%)= 223,246,012.42549 DMG (223 Million).

Formulaic way of calculating all the DMG multipliers : 172,250 base×(5,731.6003417969%)×(1.5)×(1.5)×(2)×(2)×(1.5)
×(1.675)= 223,246,012.42549
(223 Million DMG) .

Stack debuff 50% from warrior when he attacks 4 times: 223,246,012.42549×1.5= 334,869,018.63823 DMG (334M)

Arcanist (5) + Ascendant (5) Debuff from warrior: If 20 enemies affected, 20× 20% = ×4 (400% total DMG)…

This means:334,869,018.63823 + 334,869,018.63823×4= 1,674,345,093.1911 DMG(1.6 Billion Damage without crit dmg and we haven’t got to frostbiting yet.

Frostbiting 300% if I press coat: 1,674,345,093.1911× 4 (300% more dmg)= 6,697,380,372.7646 DMG(6 Billion max without crit).

Crit DMG: 350% crit damage cap+ 50% internal crit dmg= 400% total crit dmg.

6,697,380,372.7646× 5 (400% crit dmg total)= 33,486,901,863.823 Crit DMG (33 Billion).

Deadly strike: 33,486,901,863.823 ×2= 66,973,803,727.646 Deadly Strike DMG (66 Billion).

Weaken 90%+25% reduce resist from Effective (if enemy isn’t greatly resist)+62.5% reduce enemy resists from Ascendant:
This is a total of 177.5% reduced resist from enemies meaning they will have negative resists and they will suffer more damage than Ignore resist. -177.5% reduce resists = ×2.775 more damage to enemies. Any kind of damage will be affected this way and even more so during frozen explosion. Well actually if enemy resist is reduced by -100%, the damage i have will be more than ×1 which is more than ignore resist but not that much more.

Deadly strike damage×1.775: 66,973,803,727.646 ×1.775=118,878,501,616.57 DMG(118B). Or maybe it’s 66,973,803,727.646×2.775=185,852,305,344.21 (185B).

Either way, it does sometimes explain how i kill epic enemies quicker than i expected without frozen.

#If enemy dies of Ice frozen explosion:

Frozen explosion would deal 125% dmg so: 118,878,501,616.57×2.25= 267,476,628,637.28 DMG (267 Billion).

The explosion does get buffed by frostbiting as it hits frozen enemies so: 267,476,628,637.28×4= 1,069,906,514,549.1 DMG (1 Trillion or 1Tr for short ).

This 1 Trillion is in normal damage but if in crit dmg or deadly strike, over 5 or 10 Trillion which is possible and even easier with Arcanist with Ascendant and weaken. It does explain how i got Quadrillion or Quintillion before and even a very rare Sextillion Damage! That 5 Trillion crit or 10 Trillion deadly could easily trigger a chain frozen explosion that constantly multiplied by frostbiting and Crits/deadly spike up.

Possibly relentless and Demonic Spike it up so much too.

This is only if 20 enemies affected by Arcanist and even then, I’d still get very high damage , especially due to hit frequency as well.

If it’s first explosions or poison explosions, the damage in dot would be 40% of that frozen damage in fire dot and 100% of that 40% in immolate. For poison, it would be 12.5% of that in dot and 400% of that by toxic cloud.

#Fire Frozen Explosion Scenario

Fire dot If fire Frozen explosions and Immolate happens if I press coat: 40% of 1,069,906,514,549.1 =427,962,605,819.64 (427 B fire DOT DMG. In crit, easily more than trillion or 2 crit dmg and deadly being 4 trillion or more.

Immolate: 100% of Fire DOT= 427,962,605,819.64 DMG also.

Combined Immolate and Fire DOT: 855,925,211,639.28 (800B per second for 2 to 4 seconds or even more if Crit and Deadly like 4 Trillion or 8 Trillion and Counting per second).

#Poison Frozen Explosion Scenario

Poison DOT: 12.5% of 1,069,906,514,549.1 (1 Tr)= 133,738,314,318.63 (133B) per 1 second of 8 seconds.

Toxic Poison cloud: 400% of 133,738,314,318.63= 133,738,314,318.63×4= 534,953,257,274.52 (534B Toxic Cloud)

Easily 600 Billion or 3 Trillion Crit or 6 Trillion deadly strike.

This scenario like this could happen if survivers happen and it could be trillions or more damage.

#Shock Explosion Scenario combined with frozen

1,069,906,514,549.1 (1 Tr) × 1.125 (12.5% stack debuff each frozen and shock explosion) = 1,203,644,828,867.7 (1.2 Trillion).

Technically I could use Plagued Set in my build but it’s too dependant on enemies weak to poison dying.

If I didn’t want to be dependant on Arcanist, I could just remove Arcanist and add set like Permafrost or so and maybe a way to get more crit dmg with less slot and 6× of the elements nature. Rage too.

I do prefer Effective when compared to Ascendant as ascendant can interrupt the frozen enemies whilst the effective keeps my orb the Ice Element, freezing the enemies and dealing the enemies weakness and when erosions, the enemies weakness element can be spiked up with frostbiting as it hits other frozen enemies and weaken with Ascendant or so.

Or you could use Ascendant pet instead of pathfinder and not use hirling or be less dependant on hirling for high Dmg.

Crushing blow doesn’t let me show all the possible numbers but I think this build will do great even without crushing blow until you reach a certain floor which requires it.

I’m unsure if other variables such as Blight or so could happen as well as Frostbiting when other elements come from Effective but I’m guessing that only frostbiting is the multiplier which is perfectly fine.


Weaknesses is 90% reduce enemy resist. Effective makes it so the attack reduces resist by enemies weakness which is 25% (unless it’s a greatly resist enemy). -25% monster resistence by effective (or more if greatly resists enemies or less even) -90% weaken = -115% resist.

This means ×2.15 the original damage

With Ascendant (5), this -115% turns to -177.5% which means ×2.775 the damage.

I’m fairly positive with these percentage calculation and to cite, it’s the calculation from Midlumers Guide. The ascendant one is my own idea of it.

Ignore resist could work in this build for cheaper crystals but Effective and Weaken I definitely can say yield so much more damage. I don’t regret using Effective indeed.

Yeah the elemental immune monsters are immune to the elemental crit such as some legend or mythic enemies(aka frozen but if the frozen explosions happen, they will suffer the brunt of the damage still and not immune to the orbs damage with the crushing blow). This means immune enemies no problemo.

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Great build!! Almost exactly how I would have implemented Disc Orb for Rogue :relaxed: really good, thanks for sharing :blush:

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Your welcome :blush: :heart_eyes: :yum: :wink: :trophy: .

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Superb @CuzegSpiked

Very well Organized, explained and important supporting details!!

Bravo +1

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guys whats generally better barbarian, glasscannon, or push the limits? and plz rank them in order from best to worst
thxs have a nice day :kissing_heart: