The Slime Thread

Slime Hunting has become the new trend in DQ(for me especially I don’t know about the others).

So I’m making this thread to let the devs know what we players want from our slimey pets.

I do want more skins for our slimes.

Here’s some of my suggestions:

  1. A Golden Slime
  2. A Wind Slime
  3. An Angelic and Demonic Slime
  4. An Ember Slime(since only 1 slime has Boost Fire skill)
  5. Crystallic Slimes(Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Diamond, Amethyst, Obsidian, Emerald, etc.)
  6. Blood Slime

And I hope that if there are new slimes that will have a new set affixes aside from Elements.:blush:

9 slime is enough lol. I want ignis pet, haha the skeleton pet, would be nice if that pet deal damage, maybe spin like ignis boss on floor 200 haha

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so true having a 9 slime with different looks but same affix kinda boring. Let wait for Malum, the worm and Nix Gigas, Old man to be a pet too :smile:

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Hahaha… I have heard of pit bosses… But never Pet Bosses…

NOOO!!! ENOUGH doesn’t exist in DQ… Hahaha…

well Limorex is slime the boss one hahaha

Well if they will add a huge slime that spits poison in four direction as a pet then it may be a possibility. Hahaha.

it will be a great help at pvp put the slime at the center and it will do the job hahaha

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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So I’m thinking for the suggested slimes I said maybe they could have a different set affix like for the Golden Slime might have Satyr’s Spirit or Faun’s Gift as set affix or for the Blood Slime will have Vampiric Touch.

And they might have also different skills like Boost Luck or Boost HP or whatsoever boost there is on DQ. :sweat_smile:

I would like to ask sir. Are there still new slimes coming in the next patch? :blush:

I think it’s VERY possible.


Hooray!!! But hope the new ones won’t have Elements as set affix… Hehehe…

Making it bigger. Possible?

I will be really happy if some of my ideas will be realized in the game but its still ok if it won’t. But I really do want a pair for Flame as a slime with Boost Fire. Since the other elements have 2 slimes each like Aether and Prism, Leaf and Void, Sand and Spark, Rain and the Ice Slime which I forgot the legend name. Hehehe…

Pet evolution?

you mean the original size of the slime boss?

Yah, sprite of slime becoming more awesome as it evolves (ascencion). Or slime equips/gears?

pet equip gear already discuss but never create a topic give it a shot

Nope just size of slime mobs, magic rarity