The struggle is real

Same lol. I probably could just go for full on burst damage but I still prefer my current will of the force setup.

I can definitely get high in eternal league but the issue for me is time and effort.

You were the last fight before I made it to the top 5. I actually had to face you a few times. Your AI hits hard.

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Lol. True that. I crawled my way back into eternal league mostly because of my new AI. :joy: 6 chests is the most I’ve come online to well being sure I had none before I logged off.

Funny thing is my wizard is trolling adventurer and momentum with nearly 1k power to scrape on passed. :grin: Tis’ funneh for the ones actually trying with their PvP builds.


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I didn’t touch pvp for two weeks and came back to 5 chests and saw that i dropped about 20 slots in the rankings. This with the same setup that I can manually use to get into the top 5. I think immortal AIs are the only ones I have trouble with (Mandelbot and Scooty are the bane of my pvp experience) as all other AIs are beatable by kiting and if you have a trophy that lets you silence your opponent. That’s why I wish there was some real time pvp to really see which builds are the best.


I didn’t touch for 2 weeks and had 20 away chests. Apparently my A.I seems to do nicely.

@MeRk , I feel ya. With the right build, you could beat every build in arena easily but immortal build after a certain amount of draws. Although there are those builds that can defeat it in one round of course.

Real time PvP would be nice, assuming it was even possible for this game but I don’t see it happening. It would be an interesting test of skill though . As for internet ping, maybe most will be fine but the issue will still be there.

Agreed I just don’t see it happening for mobile and android just yet. :joy: give it a couple or few more years - depending on where around the globe you are and if network providers can deliver on their end.

Where I’m from… This is called a fallacy and nevergonnahappen. :joy:

Pc platform is always a possibility but as mentioned in the past, admin don’t support any issues that come with it nor will they ever, I suspect. :grin:

I’m thinking of making a build using an eternal Apollyon dagger (rogue dagger with weapon damage, execute damage, double strike and demonic set affix). Has anyone used this in any builds? I wonder if the base damage is too low for pvp to kill immortals.

Demonic + PvP = YOU LOSE.

Just isn’t that effective… In fact the set itself could be done without. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks that saves me from burning dust to get a good one just to see a build fail and not know why. I like the three legendary affixes on the weapon and was just going to put up with demonic. I’ll see if there is another viable option.

In general. Is using an eternal weapon for the extra base damage and up to 400% weapon damage a good idea?

Lemme take this throne for a while :).

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Not today buddy :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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Yeah, guys take a seat. :laughing:


LOL, great challenge
@edit: Challenge accepted.

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If you want the affixes from the set you can always remove the set affix with a Kyanite and add another one with an Amethyst, keeping whichever legend, rare legend affixes or bonuses you want.

This is how I usually start building an item, it’s more efficient. Already having an affix that isn’t easy to roll with a Ruby saves Crystals and the time it would take to farm them.

If you’re going to add a mythic to the item, remove the four affixes, keep the ones you need and reroll them using a diamond once the item quality is at 25% - this way they have a good chance at maxing out and also helps land a maxed Obsidian roll.

I sometimes only reroll with a diamond when my item is already enchanted with an Obsidian, having as little affixes on it as possible to land full stats.

The less affixes the greater the chance at maximizing them - in case you weren’t aware of it.

Its awesome to see these people going to the top other than the testers here xD.

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created a thread to consolidate arena rank up posts.

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Come with us, being a tester or not
More challenge = More fun

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Would love to aim for the top now I’m sure I’d be able to make it. but time isn’t in my side right noW huhuh I’ve got a lot of school work to do T.T

Lol that’s my issue too. I only really get to play on weekends. During the week I just farm every now and then for gold on low end maps.

But I have a few builds that are all nearly complete to play around with in the arena. I’m hopeful of being in div.1 soon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Once I’m there who knows, I might make more time for the arena to hopefully compete for that golden spot. :disappointed_relieved:

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