Theorycraft, or How to Destroy the [Game] World


@krispassion usually, if a post is over a year since the last post, better to start a new thread with a link to the old thread. there are a few old threads that have been resurrected, but most Necro Posts end up getting a thread closed down.

some older builds and threads aren’t as useful as they were originally, because of updates that balance the game, or nerfs or buffs to something. but the thing that makes older posts useful is seeing how different affixes can work together. some of the old posts have given me ideas for builds or helped me to understand how to make a better build.

anything from May 2017 would be considered Current until the Dev’s bring out the next big update. from 2016 could still be useful, and anything earlier might still be helpful, but there might have been enough changes that could make any info less useful.