There's no Wizard User in Pvp . WHY?

I think it is easy to make Full tank/attacker wizard than warrior/ rouge .But why theres no want to make their own Wizard PvP build.

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I think it’s because of some disadvantages. I mean wizards can definitely compete like warriors but I think more people use rogue and warrior because of AR bonus and Dodge bonus (dodge goes well with pathfinder). Still, wizards have resists from mana investments, tanky mana shields, aftermath, summons with reduce dmg combo, etc. So much potential. Maybe there’s something I’m missing.

because warrior and rouge is easy to use for example warrior focus at def rouge for power and wiz = ???

My wiz focus to def and power :slight_smile:

I focus at offence :smiley:

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@CuzegSpiked was right. And also it’s because, it’s easy to make a competitive build for Warriors and Rouges. Very basic, meanwhile you gunna struggle to crack a good build for Wizards in PVP. It’s indeed very challenging. I bet there are only 3 to 4 Wizards at the top League and I guess only half of them are legits.

I agree. It’s no wonder why I struggled to get my wizard to eternal league. Still, I could do it if I really tried with improvements and ideas.

Well, not really. I have my toon stuck in there at Division 2 for months. Not getting any progress cuz I have something to tweak a little in my current set-up. Warriors and Rouges at Div. 1 are pretty tanky and having good amount of Power with atleast not below 500 to 1K above. It’s a pretty hard task getting them on. I’ve been hard pressed/

I see.