Things that make me angry


This is totally unrelated to the game. I hate it when I walk into a cafe and they advertise a plain cheese sandwich as “only” 3 pounds . They rip you off and then have the cheek to say it’s “only” such a price.


Lol xD same


Only suggests a bargain . But when you make something for 3 pence and sell it for 3 pounds … grrrr


lol… its “only” a sammich… :laughing:


well, they need to make a living too, and also, how else will they be able to get vanities and stuff in DQ if they don’t make a profit? as far as the post, I get angry seeing the police driving really badly (not in an emergency situation), but they are the ones who give out the traffic tickets to people driving really badly.


Me too when i hear people on pc build parts saying its only £50 more and im like, no thats too much. Every penny counts or every little helps as tesco puts it.