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We should do it, and keep this rules.

  • Yes.
  • No, I will make my own topics on and on.

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Hey. It’s a quite time of DQ’s life and it’s community changed. It’s bigger. I suggest to make some cleanup here and make main topics for ideas.
When I’m looking for something I must look through “Someone’s Ideas”, “Someoneelse’s Ideas” and so on. I tried to make some time ago topic like “If you have an idea for new weapon, post here”, “If you have idea for new monster, post here” or something like that. But it failed. It would help users, admins and creators to browse our feedback.

What do you say? You’ve got a poll :wink:

I like the idea of more directed topics that organize ideas / comments into one place. At some point, we’ll be busy enough to warrant having moderators, and would love to have some sort of structure to follow to keep similar ideas together.

Also, If you guys have examples of other forums that are in similar industry that have great forum organization, please feel free to post them here, and we’ll try to set things up more like them.

Take a look at

I like the way they sort topics and you can definitely learn from the moderator structure they have. A like button on comments would be nice (see the link)

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Looking into some “like” options

I had a bodyspace account some time ago, the forums there are very organized; maybe have a sub forum link in general discussions for guides; weapon/affix ideas; etc. and then have the support side of the forum have sub forums for questions by players and bugs. They had sub forums branching from main forums, which is how it stayed organized. The reason why I brought up bodyspace was for the idea of Rep power (reputation points) instead of the Facebook “like” system. The rep power system works similarly but is cumulative to the forum user, not the post. Maybe make the system use rep system, with the points labeled as “hero points” or maybe “hero reputation” to have some kind of relation to your game?

I guess it could be made to be somewhat hybrid, so that threads with several likes stay alive as well. This may be useful for guide threads.

Exactly my thought. And once we get some more users, moderators are a must. And I would love to have the reputation system.

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Nice New look for the forum… Liking it!

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Good to hear! If you guys can think of any more categories that you’d participate in, I"ll make sure to add them. Tried out a rep system, but there’s some bugs to work out with it still. Will keep on working on it, but feel free to keep suggesting anything you’d like to see here! :smile:

I’d like to see more ranks (how about black/white mage or elder)! And special “achievements”. When the reputation system (see below for more information) is added, there could be “most helpful” or “highest post-like ratio”

Reputation system:
A post could be liked, same as in facebook, but in multiple categories. You could like the post in the category “helpful” or “creative” or even just because it is interesting for example.

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Cool, it looks like some of the ideas posted here are already in the works! Keep up the great work!