This is not fair I'm upset!

Why do I get the short end of the stick using ice build, it’s the only build where calcite doesn’t give you a dmg boost… all it does is slow enemies by 50 percent. I would much rather have the 80 percent fire boost dot*** , or the shock stack debuff dmg. Anything would be better why cant ice add 80 percent dmg like fire :frowning:


fire doesn’t get a +80% DMG increase. if your Fire Attack does 1000 DMG, it does another 80% of the attacks DMG in DoT spread out over 2 seconds. so you do 1000 DMG, then 400 DMG a second for 2 seconds.

Ice also reduces enemy DMG by 25%.

the one thing that makes Ice better than the other Elements is that it’s Elemental Critical - Freeze, affects Worms! if your movement is slow, then the slowing ability of Ice is also better than other Elements, your slow Character is now moving faster than the Iced monsters!

I haven’t used Frozen Set, but it kind of makes Ice Builds OP when Crafted the right way.

I had a Wizard with Ice Storm. Storm 40 attacks 8 times a second for 5 seconds. with Freeze & Frostbiting lasting 3 seconds (I had 2 Frostbiting at the time) monsters were getting +200% DMG 8 times a second for 5 seconds…if they didn’t die already. I don’t think I was using Permafrost at the time either. at the moment, I am considering an even stronger Ice Storm - Torrent Build with up to 20 hits a second depending on the location of the enemy in the AoE of the Storm - Torrent combo.

each Element has it’s strengths & weaknesses. and different Skills do better with some Elements than others.

Arcane is considered the weakest Element, but there are Builds that can do monster DMG with it. Orbit, Celestial, & Living Force Set for Builds that get close to the enemy.

Fire DoT is good for spike DMG.

Poison DoT is good for hit them and leave them to die Builds.

Shock is good for consistent +50% DMG. Rogue has 4 items with a Bonus on one that can get you up to +112.5% DMG from stacking 9 Shock at a time.

Ice is good for Builds that need monsters to move and attack slower to survive. with the 25% less DMG from enemies, it is good for beginners, low floors, and PVP.

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I didnt mean to type add 80 percent lol I know what it meant but still even so some monsters at the higher floors are almost able to completely block out the freeze crits from being iced which nullifies the crits that come with it even with ignore res so that leaves me with only the 25% less dmg from monsters, I mean I get it but Idk i guess I’ll just slap on effective mythic and call it a day

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Epic, Legend, & Mythic Monsters usually have two or more Monster Affixes. the Map Affix Enemy Affix gives all monsters one or two more monster affixes. I think the Greatly Resist and Immune affixes make it hard to get Elemental Crits. not to mention that I think those monsters have a naturally higher resistance to EC’s also.

if you are looking for more DMG for your Ice Build, Effective is only worth having if you don’t have Ignore Resist. and Ignore Resist is only worth having if you can’t get +60% Weaken or more. you could use Effective & Weaken together, but if you have limited space, a Crystal +90% Weaken is better than either Effective or Ignore Resist.

if you think of it, some of the more powerful Builds do OP DMG that doesn’t show up on the Attack Skill DPS on the Stat Page.

the highest DPS I ever had was around 20 or 30 million, but with Deadly Strike, Brutal, and +200% Weaken, and a few Sets for extra DMG, I got up into the 100 to 200 Billion DMG range. and this was a Build for Ascending, which means 6 spaces taken up for Experience.

I prefer Ice, Fire, & Prismatic Builds, as I think they are the best for my Wizard Play Style, and I want to try making some good Arcane Wizard Builds too.

I haven’t done Warrior or Rogue Builds for a long time, but I have thought of Poison, Shock, & Arcane Builds for Rogue, and Bleed, Fire, & Arcane for Warrior?

maybe you should do a Search :mag: for Ice Builds to see what other players have done to do OP DMG.

I’ve already done my research trust me lol I dont have any troubles killing stuff anymore but I do want to maximize what I can do, I think monsters that have elemental as an afix are hard to kill sometimes though and the immunity but I’d rather use 90 percent weaken with empyrean plus all the ed and crits

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haha, I understand. when I think of Builds with one +200% WD, 5 ED%, and 6 Elemental Crit DMG, and 7 Set Affixes, and 6 Crystal Affixes, that is 25 spaces taken in the blink of an eye. 17 spaces left for defense & offense, Mythics, and any affixes needed to meet the requirements of anything else.

Ice and poison are arguably the best. Some of the best builds have been made with them. Green Garden, the farming build I use, etc. I can’t remember the ice one I’m thinking of. RIP.


for Prismatic Builds, I use frostbiting to boost any DMG of the other Elements since Ice is the only Element that doesn’t do some kind of extra DMG. Arcane is similar, until you use Ascendant & Arcanist.

Wizard rocks with Ice, with the high frequency of Wizard MH Special Attacks, Frostbiting becomes an amazing weapon! and Fester makes Freeze last longer, making it easier to shatter your enemies into frozen shards of Ice. I haven’t used Frozen Set yet, but it would make an Ice Wizard seriously OP.

and I like using Fire because of it’s Spike DMG and awesomeness when paired with Crushing Flames & Demonic.

I am saving my Poison Build ideas for my Rogue.

and I have Arcane Build ideas for all 3 Classes. Orbit requires getting close to the enemies, so I need to consider defense for sure. this would also make good use of Living Force Set (Orbit is affected by Living Force, making it spin back to the origin point of Orbit like Scalp for +20% DMG per Rank).