This topic is all about dq players

Hey im looking for dq players who have groups and also friendly and respect and im also good player and im not a cheater and hacker… i wish i have a groups bec its also fun… i am pinoy

Someone posted about this. Im looking for filipino players too who are not cheaters and hackers. Hacking and cheating the game are for noobs.

Hacking and cheating the game = no challenge at all!
Where’s the fun in that?

What do you mean by ‘group’ of players? How do you plan on interacting with each other? Maybe I’m missing something

I think there was an fb group or page for filipino dq players? Been trying to get in but the post was deleted?

Yeah i guess and also active? Im glad you read my topic

Np bro. I dont know if theyre active.
Just wish those hackers and cheaters gets banned. Haha.