Thought I had made division 1

Won’t last. I gotta load of crafting to do

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Haha back down to mythic. It was nice while it lasted :slight_smile:

You were in 8th place Eternal Division 1 and are now in Mythic league??

Yeah. Maybe a glitch. Oh well the dream was nice while it lasted :slight_smile:

How odd. The leaders display is showing Mythic or Eternal leaders??

Very odd. I was bloody surprised at getting to level 1. Given the equipment is had I thought how?

Eternal Division 1 MMR in 8th place is 1740 or a difference of 435 MMR in the video you showed. I am guessing you might be in Eternal Div 11 and maybe one of the 1s was truncated? Div 11 might be where you enter from Mythic league.

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Ahhhhh okay. Back to crafting

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wow, I have been in Eternal Division 10, but I guess if there are enough players, they keep adding Divisions. hope I don’t drop to 11. :worried: