Three things that need to be done

So i played a bit today and i noticed some things :smiley:

The ignis crown for the blood magic set seem to come only with boost and allways has the seeking affix on it which is kinda weird
Second you reallyneed to put an fix for the reroll story out its so annoying
And last you should update your wiki i wanna know if there are better new legendaries besides theones i found :smiley:

Yeah the reroll fix might happen sooner… depends on where we are at with some other issues if its worth a hotfix (takes a good bit of time to prepare even a small patch) .

Thank you for reminding me about the items page, I’ll try to do that tonight and make the page a tad prettier, and look at why Ignis’s Crown has seeking on it…

Items updated, and even categorized!

Looks like Skull of Ignis does have seeking, which I remember now was a one-off sort of thing.

Well didnt know that even small patches take that much
The blood magic set i wanna use it for the bloodmagic but all that minion stuff on there q.q
And how come the blood magic set is all about minions but there is a skull off hand and no tome? :smiley:
But i thought u made seeking a weapon affix only right? :smiley:
And thanks for the wiki :wink:

Yup, that’s the theme! Blood Magic - Spiritmancer / Ascendent - Elementalist. ( Arch Mage got left out this time :frowning: )

Ah, you can’t see it from that list but Ritual Beads have “Recall” on them as the talent, so you won’t even need a tome to summon spirits as much. That said, more items for the various sets are planned for the next patch, so a Blood Magic tome could still happen. :smile: Totally up for requests as well for new items as well.

As far as affix rules generally go yes, but legendaries get to break those rules!

Yeah bout that reclaim i thought u would say that :smiley:
But still kinda mysterious x)
But the thing i wanna know is why do you put seeking on that helm? I guess something is blocking my brain but i dont see the reason
I mean minion set ok and seeking for a lil help with aiming (where we got auto aim currently)?

We’re still seeing what we want to do with “Seeking” in general, with the addition of auto-target. Auto-target feature for us is only a month old, and we’re still seeing how everyone likes it, if people are wanting a toggle for it to be off/on, and if seeking still has a use with auto-target existing. If not, the affix will replaced with something “cooler” that you wouldn’t mind seeing on a helm, weapon, or anywhere for that matter :smile:

Haha ok ima trust you there then x)

Currently we are looking into making auto aim a toggle (based on user settings) so seeking could still be a useful affix. Like Steiger said, we will come up with something useful to replace it (he is awesome at that stuff).