hi i wna know if ders anyone who have tried dis throwsword living force build… do u think it will be good? any opinions ? i wna put it on my rogue combine with stealth

im gonna make a rogue discordance orb build and i think its gonna be good. As for throwsword, well its ok. I think it will work but it may take a bit of getting used to for your build. Will take a bit of figuring out. Maybe as a proc or actual skill, it is good either way. Throwsword is much better if a warrior uses it though but you can get a decent dmg with throwsword on rogue with or without discordance.

It does pierce, dmg per pierced and nice high dmg. Hit frequency is cool too but these come as warrior from hero points. Not exactly sure how hit frequency works in terms of multiplying dmg because stat page thinks it multiplies the dmg.

im orb reactor build rogue now … idont think u ned discordance to spam orb … i just have 45% cd i can spam orb like normal atk.

True but I prefer discordance for more dmg. Discordance is less expensive cost too and it does wonders :slight_smile: when you plan well. I perfer not to use a crystal affix for cooldown but I can use it if I need it. Maybe for permastealth reasons.

if u want dmg i suggest go energy u can always have 100% bonus dmg but depend in what u prefer goodluck …orb cost is too low to even notice haha

energy + skilled

i think skilled wont affect orb skill cuz its mh special right ? correct if im wrong