Time to forgive to those players who alleged that they abused the system (sharing vanities with other player/s)

Christmas is fast approaching guys. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Merry Christmas Devz and MODz. Kindly unbanned our friends who used real money to support your game (DQ). The only mistake they made was sharing there purchased vanities with other player/s. What’s done is done. Hoping for your kind consideration.

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HI Larry,

I appreciate the post but to be honest do not have a way of telling the difference on our end end. If the account got flagged we would just have to review it on our end manually.

In that case we need to be contacted and asked to review it. Just send a dm @tdaniel and we will have a look!

Thanks for playing and posting!!

Thank You so much sir.

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The problem is NOT the restore purchase or sharing accounts. We do not allow this in our group and consider this hacking. The problem is the mismatch in the DQ account and the google play account. We never knew that this would cause problems.

In our country we rarely use credit cards. We use cellular network carrier billing attached to a gplay account. Most of the time purchase will fail because of a system flaw in these networks. So we create a new gmail account and a new sim card with a money balance then make the purchase. We do not have a sim registration policy and everybody have multiple sims.

We would never do this if we knew this will cause at a bitter end in the first place.

Good day.

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@LARRYBIRD17 and I are in the same fb group to put the previous note in context.

Exactly @Malunya +1 to this.

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I’m the one who posted the link. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Yes of course :smile: I’m just aggreeing to Sir Malunya’s very statement. And that +1 goes to you :wink:

There is no problem with using a different email address for the dq account system and your Google play account.

What are you referring to with that comment?