Time to start the PvP grind again

Think this is my best so far I no it’s not as high dmg as lot off people but it’s not a full PvP build


Welcome back Jason!! Your build from last year can get you back to Div 1.


When will the next season start btw may iask?

Thanks and yes that’s what I’m using the pvp/farm build lol


No clue sorry

Awesome! Welcome back to da hood :joy:. In all seriousness, welcome to the pvp grind again :smile:

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lol, you power is somewhat low for that value of hp

Farm well and also don’t hesitate to improve your gear (and ask/show who you want to improve). Know how you can maximise damage and survival. Of course like you said @Nightbladejay , you use a pvp/farm build hybrid and I can understand that it’s not the best to climb arena with it but you can farm to improve and after reaching limits of the farm hybrid, you can farm for the good pvpcentric build. Good luck. I also know that you haven’t played in a while which is understandable.

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It’s because I’m using a pvp/farm build

Ooo yes going start farm g a lot and will look at guilds just for PvP and builds for farming just need to get them crystals and loot yep been away for while now funny how my build still works good in PvP

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My main pvp characters are farming hybrids too