Tips for pve builds?

Im working on a new floor clearing and climbing build and ive realized my build expiriance is mainly pvp build making. Is there any afixes that are considered meta for pvp besides crushing blow?

I find Demonic set and Execute DMG to be critical at higher floors (I’m currently at 2510 M3). I am also using Mercenary. Anything that helps knock down that last 25% ememy hp once CF has done its thing.

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on higher floors, when not using Crushing flames, as many different affixes that multiply damage as possible, and good defense (Block, Dodge, Sanctuary, etc…). all/most stat points into Power (I usually go with 100 Power, 5 Health,8 Mana). or affix & Set bonus combinations that give lots of damage. a good Poison Build can do crazy DPS to monster mobs, or double Element builds, like an Ice/Shock Build.

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Noted thanks for the advice.

Also +4 all sets is highly recommended

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