at the current moment i am trying to experiment with a fully blocked life leech warrior and a Magic Find wizard
after playing with my blood magic bleed warrior fully level 99 and 700k dps tooltip

can anyone share tips on how i could manage to build those
much thanks

Help / advise needed

You gonna use spiritmancer or did you have another build in mind?

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I will post a video with my stats on my equipment for magic find soon. The video to showcase my equipment won’t need much tinkering with mymobiler refresh rate, so I’ll go ahead and upload it. I have ~2.8% off of max magic find from equips and 1.48 DPS when facing bosses, but my MF drops by ~20% when facing mobs because blood magic is essential. When facing mobs DPS also drops to 1.37M DPS. (Max Luck from equipment is 300% unless you accidentally and fortunately pick up equipment with a duplicate affix for +MF. This was unintentional and will be changed in the future, but it is possible to pick up equipment with duplicate affixes, if one is epic, and the other is normal, as of version 1.4.0, it will probably be patched in 1.4.1 though so take advantage of being a beta user while you can. Max luck possible AFAIK is 750 with luck boost purchase (100%) all challenges (100%) max affix on equips (300%) shrine (75%) and level 8 difficulty (175%).

My set up is to use teleport orb to traverse the stages more quickly, and use the gauntlet mainhand spell “Twister” to do EXTREMELY high damage while pulling mobs away from me to take minimal damage. Blood Magic is a MUST because without it, using empower, and pooling all stat points into power stat will leave you with less than 5000HP, and unless you have proper resists, armor, and dodge ratings, you will die in 1 hit on floor 200 at any difficulty higher than 1. For more info on why I use twister, read the info on how I achieved 3.0M DPS.