Tired of the campers

Getting really tired and frustrated with the people who are standing still and just casting infintly. I set up a battle mage build to get to them and I usually can get close to killing them but they all seem to get me. For one: bows range is almost the whole map. For two: the warriors that have spell sword have like no way of dieing when standing still. For three: the mages with tornado u can’t even get close.

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Step one: craft some dandy mystic daggers and a dandy bomb and some other dandy equip with lots of crit and deadly and the usual dandy dps stuffs…

Step two: Go to arena blinkstrike to them because the blinkstrike range is huge.

Step 3: Use the bomb secondary.

Step 4: Slay them while they are wandering around blinded.

Step 5: Watch them regret their life decisions.

But seriously: With the right gear (Rockblast or Earthquake, Ninja, multi-attacks etc. You will be happy to face one of those mages/rogues because you can just oneshot them.

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Step 6: Use stealth in proc or OH skill then have some form of fast dps in under 2 seconds and gettjng to opponent in 2 seconds as well. Every stealth affix counts including vanish proc which also has the small bonus of blind which is always useful. Also, for the biggest difference, use silence tropbies or flawless victory.