Tonight I drop an eternal pet... update... today I dropped an eternal pet after falling asleep last night with a bottle of wine


Boost is on. 22 enslaver to go. Video will be posted



Rubbish pet :slight_smile:. I hope your first eternal pet is better @Golem


that looks like a good pet for a Rogue that has a focus on stunning and extra damage to blind enemies. the only really bad affix was the Poison Resist. unless you like a challenge. :slight_smile:


Just change the element to pet :slight_smile: I will level it up and not convert it like 3 others


umm, ok, the only bad affix was the Element Resist. :smirk:


If I change it to ice resists it’s good in pvp because ice attacks are popular. Poison resists are good against cartographers who love poison attacks. But really its a generally crap pet lol