Too many hero points awarded

First of all, whever i gain hero points, it always displays the message twice (though, it doesnt count it twice im pretty sure)

However, when i complete a feat ill see the amount stated in the codex (990,000 since im lv 99) (twice as usual), and then ill see another number (seems random; normally like 624,379 or something. THIS AMOUNT IS ADDED to my hero points (and of course displayed twice).

Now, i personally have no real problem with the bug except it feels like cheating; therefore, im letting the devs know of this; sorry no screen shots.

I do believe the second number displayed is what your hired is gaining.

my hireling is level 99 too, so that explains why i see everything twice, but does not explain the extra hero points i get in addition to normal ones after completing a feat.

Not enough points imo… I need 6mil til my next level, turnabout 7 feats I have to complete. Still fun goals though. :smile:

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i learned its only a problem for some feats… most notably is gold explosion

@shrowder - its 10,000 points per level; thats more than enough