Too many Tryhards in Arena?

How come this people who copies build never gave credits to the owners who made the build… lets take this as Example… Alchemist build or the thing called immortal by @Mandelbrot colaboration with @Mr_Scooty and @Midlumer

Now this new mushroom came in division 1 with same core builds… (tryhards) … this 3 mushrooms (new name in arena) are modded DQ,s … for crying out loud hope you got banned :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::ghost::ghost:


Report them if you really are certain they are cheaters.

I will im just busy with my work

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Also Ive been seeing lots of cheaters in the lower divisions lately because i decided to rank down and man its swarming with cheaters there! XD ive faced 4 so far haahha

Funny is This Merk guys says he is newbie and then he got all slot and made it to 99… pshhh


Its pretty easy getting to lvl 99 tho. If you have the right gears on leveling up you can level pretty easily. i think theres a bunch of threads here that can teach you to level up quickly.

Takes 3 days to get to 99…

I consider myself a newbie because I still don’t understand a lot about the game like how certain skills work and damage/defense modifiers. Luckily lots of people post builds, tips, and answer questions on this forum. Without knowing the math I have been able to create a pretty good farming build, hiking build, and pvp build. I have shared my builds and have improved them based on feedback.