Torrent Skill problem

Anyone else experiencing Torrent skill sometimes not working on Cartographer? (Boss to unlock next map)?

The skill seems to just “pass through” the boss; as if no skill was cast.

Mine is level 19 (15 base, 4 from equips)

Steps to reproduce:
Find Cartographer
Cast Torrent

May need to test several times for this to occur, doesn’t occur 100% of the time

Does your cartographer have a life bar when this happens?

I think the carto you are experiencing is the bugged one. They are still on the process of fixing it.

Yup; always before using torrent; my torrents can do up to 2.18m dmg; so, it’s easy to tell if it works or not; their hp just drain down :smiley:

Experienced it earlier as well; flurry’d it to death :laughing:

I see, I’ll keep that in mind…in the mean time I’ll rely on my ring with Storm & toxic proc when I experience them again

edit: Today (June 1st), I noticed more things; Proc Skills not working on this bugged Carto.
Storm & Meteor Proc has no effect on him, Sprint doesn’t either. Just primary Throwsword & Cleave!