Total Newb Q

I’m only level 35 so I’m still pretty new and figuring out the complexities of the game (as well as getting access to all of the different crystals, etc). So my question is around the red “affixes”, particularly the warrior’s “Beserker”. And the related skills that “require Beserker”.

I’ve been assuming that since the affix was in red I had to do something to get it. Do I? What am I missing?

Any information that could point me in the right direction is very much appreciated.

Great game so far!

It’s legendary affics. Better then normal,rare, epic. And yes, It’s working from when you equip it.

In fact, all affixes on your gear function, except that you can’t boost skills or a class that you aren’t.

Contingent affixes will be introduced in 2.1, however, so be on the lookout!


If you look at your “Stats” tab look at the third or forth one at “Talents”. In red, those are all Beserker skills.

Now look at your Helm, Chest, Ring, and Necklace. You will see something like Wrath 4 or Prayer 4. If it is in “Red”, it will show up in that Stats Tab under Talents. Berserker gives “Plus” to anything you have equipped in red.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: I think I am reading his question right. If I am wrong, someone please point that out so I know I’m full of dung haha.

Thanks All! I’ll take a look at my inventory again when I’m next able to play. Very helpful!

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