Totally Bad Luck

already used my 4 Eternal Maps. NO ENSLAVER. (the 4th Map didn’t complete. i received an notification. i think it was email. then boom. unfortunately dungeon quest has stopped. :sadparrot: where are you Enslaver when i needed you most. :frowning: 2 eternal maps left. :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: TOTALLY BAD LUCK. :sadparrot: has anyone experience this? lol.

finally. opened another Eternal Map (Floor 1739). sorry i didn’t capture the normal Enslaver.

Legend Enslaver.

Mythic Enslaver.

this is what i’ve got.

it was Eternal Void

still have a chance though… 5 more Enslaver to go…

I like your eternal pet😤

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Damn lucky you been looking for that pet for 3 days now

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I’m very nervous about opening an eternal map without having monster spawn boost, which ensures an enslaver on every map.

If you get an eternal map don’t open it till monster boosted :wink:

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