Toughest opponent


@johnstah it would be hard to fight a tank w/ a tank too (iguess it would take a long match)

@roykiyoy yeah sometimes it lead to a draw… :smile:

@johnstah i did some pvp a moment ago check how many sec ur char and coung would last.

it turns out aftet fighting both ur ai toon 3x.
coung ai dies after 9-11 sec(since his char charge all the way cut some travelling time) and ur ai toons takes 10-13sec to die

so base on my observation ur toon and coung is equally tougher and i think ur toon deals more dmg. (though coung warrior is pretty good in diff areas)

@@roykiyoy ahh …any tips on ai control bro?

@johnstah ahh if i told u another warrior would be a gatekeeper lol :smile: .(discover it urself :stuck_out_tongue:)

ur warrior has a potential of surpassing coung ai :smile:

@roykiyoy ahaha…ok2. …gotta discover it :smile:

More gatekeeper please lol.

@cronos4321 then moslikely more players would be discourage hiking rank after tasting defeat from this so called “gatekeepers” lol :smile:

very sad because it was out of the game

@Cuong27 try to report it bro…maybe u can get it back.