Treasure map and co-op dungeon

  1. Treasure Map*
    the idea is like a challenge map but harder the mobs are like (mythic3*10) and every map there is a Legend Enemy. The lowest rarity of enemies are magic and the boss has a chance to drop rare legend items

  2. CO-OP Dungeon**
    Players can team-up (2players min-4 players max) to play a Dungeon (mythic 3*20)
    the dungeon is like a Hero defense enemies will spawn(15 waves(100 enemies per wave)) on 4 directions the players need to repel all enemies before the TownHall(Shrine) is destroyed. AT the end of each wave a box will spawn containing gold, orbs, and items. Every 5th wave a Mythic Enemy will spawn. They game will end if the Shrine is destroyed or 3 of the players disconnected

The reward for completing the dungeon are as follows:
95-100% Shrine Health (1 Treasure map each and 1 Eternal Legend Drop each)
70-94% ( 1 Treasure map each)
69% below( Legend drops)

*Treasure Map can only be obtained thru CO-OP dungeon or achievement (loot 25 Legend MAp)
**Co-op Dungeon 1 acc can only enter 5x a day (players can buy extra attempt on the shop

Tell me if there is something wrong something to change hope to see this Feature :smile:

Yeah, this ruins the Legend and Mythic feats, not to mention its been suggested 100 times by now. -2

I like CO-OP though… but just normally like instead of hiring your own character invite a friend who’s over at your place for example.

Woah it’s like in the knight age online haha…

I feel like localized co-op would be better if you have a friend that you’d like to play with. The treasure map also kind of ruins many of the feats (as stated above). But localized co-op would open many new aspects to the game. I just wish you could drop items instead of selling everything. Or maybe they could put in a party inventory!