Tried the 0.99$ mythstone drop increase

Hey guys. I just want to share something I tried today. Seriously lacking of mythstones, I decided to try the 0,99$ 100% increase mythstones drop from the store.

My luck, gold and item drop are at the caps.
I tried a lvl 230 easy legend map with a 390% mythstones bonus.

Did all the map with hunter ring. Had 26 mythstones drop. The rarest was death, which drop 3 times. The 23 others where from the 2 first limes in the bag.

That’s it. Just wanted to share this with those wondering if it is worthy. :slight_smile: /peace

Regular map, lvl 100 M3 difficulty, 9 drops. All from the first two lines.

Regular map lvl 150, legend difficulty. 15 drops mostly protest and gift. All from the first two lines.

Blue map lvl 205, normal difficulty, 12 drop. 1 flight 1 rebirth rest from the 2 first line in bags.

Looks like the level has some importance on the amount of drop. I’ll continue my research trying to find my sweet spot to farm mythstone. I will also remake the same experience without the buff. This is for farming optimization purpose.

Since 2.1, every 100 levels shifts MS and CS drops up by one. For example, at level 100 Mentor will start to drop at the rate that Hero drops below 100, and Hero will no longer drop. The rest shift accordingly. At 200, Mentor no longer drops and Protest drops at that rate. This continues until 500, after which the rates stay the same and you will never get any mythstone below Wisdom.

The same shifts happen with CS, with Kyanite ending up as the most common above 500.

I highly recommend farming 500+ if you’re going to do a paid MS or CS drop increase!

Thanks for the info. I’m trying to bring concrete data about what I personally find in the game. So far, my findings are totally in line with your statement and the documentation from the patch.

Altough limited because I can’t farm at high level, here is my findings. I didn’t spam every level I tried bit I compiled them and here is the conclusion:

I have found that in terms of quantity and highest rarity, farming at the highest level possible for me (easy floor 235) was very close in results than farming at M3 lvl 101.

The middle range drop was indeed better at higher level.

The killing time required for me was also faster at higher level with lower difficulty.

Using IMP as a pet increased my Mythstone drop. Indeed the IMP gave me a couples.

Therefore, would recommand farming at the highest level possible, even if it is easy than farming at lower lvl with highest difficulty.

My results also underlined the importance of having my hunter ring equipped before activating any shrines, since a considerable part of the mythstone where coming from there. Also hit all the boxes you can, mythstone are sometimes hidden in there.

With the buff I have found generally between 10 and 20 mythstone each floor. Sometimes more, rarely less.

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Finally, I redid the same maps without the Mythstone buff and I generally found less than half of the mythstones I got with the buff.

And also FYI - the buff only apply in gametime, if you pause, exit the game, look at your inventory, the buff’ timer also stop. I think it was worthy : )