Tron: Legacy

I recently watched Tron: Legacy a few weeks ago, and there were a few battle scenes where the characters fought each other with a Disc that looked like a Neon Chakram. it made me want to make a cool Chakram Rogue like that.

there are a number of posts shared by players who have made a Build based on a Character from a movie, television show, or anime.

do any of you have an inspiration like that for your build? what part of the build was easy to keep the same as the character you based the build on? what was hard or had to be changed to fit in the abilities available in DQ?

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My builds are inspired by Bruce Lee partically the rare game of death previously unreleased battle scenes officially in what is a crap slap dash cash in on a demised actor with an unconvincing look alike film. The original idea was that the character climbed 5 floors of the tower. Each with its own boss. Each with its own challenge. He survives by changing his strategy and skills set. He was basically introducing his martial art philosophy of “Jeet kun do” to the world. It means the way of having no way. Study all that is useful. Discard the rest. Adapt to new situations if you want to survive. Famously he put it “be like water” . It can freeze and be hard like ice or fluid.

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Yea i made a build based on a movie character… ever since i found the rogue item ‘elsa’s rage’, i just had to make a let it snow build, so storm+ice, and i had my disney fantasy build :joy: