Tru farmers :D

True farmer players can recognize items even if without looking at its name :smiley: dq should put a trading system so players can share items lol
Kawaii :wink:

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3 stone of nadroji, 1 nadrojj crystal, 1 nadroji robe, 1 munity gun, 1 insolance trap, 1 frozen fate. :slight_smile:

Hunter ring
Druidic / oaken band / terrashaper
crimson cover
equality hammer
ninja dagger poignant
rage / zealotry shield
equality orb
nadroji armor / aegies armor :stuck_out_tongue:

@Emman @cronos4321 you 2 really know the game a DQtester and a REGULAR :smiley: but emman forgot havoc xD but still i salute both of you guys legit players :smiley: 2 thumbs up :smiley:

Oh yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Even without identify a farmer knows what’s the item lol.

And you’re wearing a frozen head gear which I think looks so awesome :smile:

Its a winters visage hahaha
haha maybe without ID is hard sir hahahaha

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I love that idea too however, that gives a loop hole to cheaters. Someone can create a “look’s so legit” item from cheated account then transfer them to a legit account and WALAH! They just crafted a new mythic item :joy:

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