Trying to make a skullshield poison damage build

Was thinking about stacking toxic and blight but confused about which set affixes to use.

Which are the best set affixes to use out of:

Fauns gifts

Thank you

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Dependi naman sa pag kaka set @Hida77 pal.


you may as well ask which Set is best to use out of all of them, not just the ones you listed.

for a Poison Build, Plagued for sure, and to make good use of it, you need good movement speed to get around the map to Poison a lot of monsters in a short time. so then add Momentum also. the rest is up to your imagination. Adventurer is only good when you Gold Pick Up Indicator is active, which only last 5 seconds. good for a Farm Build, but when you run out of Gold to pick up, hopefully all the monsters are already dead.

Blood Magic Set is good if you want to use it in the early or mid game, but a different Set would be better and you could use Blood Magic Mythic instead. they work the same, and a different Set could power up your Build better.

My main use momentum on skull Off hand with max movement speed and pick up radius. The rest eq just farming build.
My hireling use full item quantity slot + 1 cyan affix 225% luck. The rest eq just damage build.
It reach max farm build.
Iā€™m on MT3 600+ floor now. Let see how far this build can survive :persevere:


i try to build it too but i ended it up very messy instead of poison stack build full damage poison charge