Trying to make hunter ring, need best place to farm mythics

What drops the red mythic runes the most? Im trying to make the hunter ring but im missing the last rune. are they just rare or do some mobs/levels have a better chance to drop them?

i heard mythic and crystals are affected by item drop, but im not 100% sure.

Salvage your lower tier mythics until hero then youll have +2 on all your mythics even the higher ones, then convert your highest mythics to have the next one then repeat salvage low tier, get +2 on feats, convert highest repeat. Soon youll have elixir!!!

ahh ok ill try that.

Yea this method of andrielley i did around 8 of each mythstones from #1 to #20 so it is really good but about a crystals is harded than mythstones :smiley: i still ned 6 higher tier crystals to get 1 from each stack :smiley:

Yah coz crystals need 1000 use to have the feat not like mythstones we only need 375…

Increase item drop to max…I have 200% and 500% luck and on one floor I find 5 to 10 mythstones. You must convert, NO salvage.

Actually, salvaging you don’t lose mythstones in the process. Converting, you lose half of them. Salvage. Then convert.


Salvaging is way better, not to mention, CHEAPER! :smile:

Yes, their drop rate is affected by Item Drop. [emoji2]