Two impressive low level rogue hybrid builds. fun to play!

Video replays coming soon!

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May Hemm video clip —>

Wildwood video clip —>


FYI: the character images are in high resolution. Simply download the image to expand and view the affix stats.

Say, what is ur highest floor reached?

U are certainly improving :blush::blush:

Reminds me of me :smile: .


120 is my highest floor reached. Mythic 3. I rarely do normal or easy except for starting a new character.

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I have been picking up some tips, and trying different proc’s. My two favorite proc’s are storm and blinkstrike. If you have several proc’s at level 20-25 one or the other is bound to go off nearly every time you strike. Providing for cooldown time of course.

Earthshatter haa a wild, and cool effect. Did you see in the Wildwood video clip where I did 3.5 M in damage, in one hit from combined results? And that is from a low level (88) character.

Critical hits can double even quadruple the amount of damage given, Wildwood has a 42% chance of doing a critical, with a +96% damage add.

Proc’s are cool. I try to have storm at 40% chance. Clears the Dungeon out fast.

May Hemm’s big thing is speed, lightening and paralysis. Both character’s have bonuses in gold find, and luck. It took a lot of gold, and a lot of convert’s to make these builds.