Ummmmmm big big problem after update):

Was happy with up date then I start to see basis items drop so I tho I check my stats and the I see my luck):

this is with hireling after update

This was my luck befour update

this is with out hireling with hireling think it’s at 812%

Should be fixed with the next patch :smile:

That’s great thanks a lot for info when will next patch be out :stuck_out_tongue:

Soon™ =P

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Good to no because I have lot farming to do tonite for a ethal pet I’m hoping :wink: hehe

I think all of us late game players who have our gear ready do :wink: 3 hours of monster spawns awwww yissssssss

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Making new builds now…will take me a bit to get it all ready to go


Any news on update need my dungeon quest fix :stuck_out_tongue:

its now thanksgiving here in the states. All the builds are done and submitted (a few hours ago) but in reality the app stores will not be looking at apps until Saturday. They are mostly closed on thanksgiving day and friday as well (as far as I know).

Any changes that effect the skills or damages in the new patch/update?

I am out of the loop today but I think there was a luck issue in the last patch that was fixed in todays build. We also have patch notes up for patch 2.4.0

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Thanks for letting me no I have to take a break from dq I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel for you, as I’m in the same boat…luck stuck at 100% and mythic monster spawned with white drops :cry:

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Good time to play some PVP. Legend & eternal chests still dropping in PVP :smile:

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Agreed. I tried farming to see if luck was just a visual bug. However, after five maps I only had two legend items drop and half of my drops were normal.

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Ya I think I will pvp my build is not built for it but hi ho hehe

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So… You guys recon we can expect a solution to the luck-bug today, while ppl are still digesting the turkey, or shouldn’t we expect a fix until some time after the weekend?

I will not be able to push out any updates until apple and amazon get back to work from the holiday. I have everything submitted…just playing the waiting game now :slight_smile:


Allright. Thnx for the info:)