Unable to see/use off-hand weapons. the icons do not appear on my screens

When I look at my inventory page the 2 small icons in the middle do not show up. I am not able to use vials or bombs. Zte prelude z669

This is completely intended.

When in the invwntory, the game is paused.

But i dont ever have a way to use the vials and bombs. Or I just dont know how .

You are going to have to give more details and clarification on the problem then. A screenshot would be excellent.

When you go to the inventory page I don’t have the enchament tab.

Not sure what you mean, can you post some screenshots and point out the issue?

Here’s a screen shot please notice the tabs at the top of the screen missing enchantment screen … Playing as Rogue

Enchant was removed and replaced by crystals and mythstones :wink: