Unclear talents

Some Talents are unclear. Amplify works whenever a player puts poison againg and again, or one has to put poison and fire DOT on target? What does Sorcery?

And I don’t know how about Warrior.

Correct. Amplify is balanced in a way where if you have 2 dots on an enemy, you’ll be doing 100% more damage to that enemy. Poison, Fire, Ice, and Bleeding all count towards this. Shock technically counts too but it only lasts for a second, which might be neat to lengthen the time on the shock effect to make talents like this even better. Amplify really shines when paired with Prismatic as well.

Sorcery increases how powerful each elemental effect is.

[ul][li]Ice’s chill is lengthened[/li]
[li]Poison and Fire deal more damage over time[/li]
[li]Shock has more chance to jump to additional targets[/li][/ul]

I do apologize for the clarity of some of these, it was really challenging to get decent explanations for everything given the UI space we have, but we’ll be trying to improve that over time. :smile:

The amplify on your wiki isn’t the same as ingame i noticed.
So which is the right one.
Or was it ment to be the same but got reworded?

Fixed the wiki! Thanks for finding that.

The right version is -
Amplify: Each element applied increases damage done to that enemy by (Talent Rank) x 2.5 %