Undying monsters bug?

I’m getting this weird bug where monsters that sometimes should drop dead instead stop attacking me and just passively follow me around. VERY OCCASIONALLY they can still attack after death. This causes my hireling and any summoned pets to constantly attack them, wasting my hireling’s mana and a lot of my DpS. I’m not sure if it coincidence or not, but it only seems to happen on Cartographer map levels with the + Pack Size affix, and possibly only to enemies that have been afflicted with the Ice element slow effect (they stay turned blue and walking slowly forever), Generally, the only way to deal with this is to run away from them far and fast, so they stop aggroing me. It’s been especially problematic since I finished my first Ascension and had to rely on my hireling for all of my DpS for a long time.

This “bug” was already been reported and you are right about the pack size being the culprit.
as far as i know, the only reason the turn like that is because many of them got killed at the same time using frozen and Toxic cloud, the scripts overload and thus generates zombies.
if you dont want to encounter this bug again, i suggest change the map affix using a larimar cs.

In this case it’s likely due to my hireling having a high damage Toss, but I see what you mean.

Thanks for the input, at least I know what’s going on

thank goodness. I thought I was the only one with the problem with what I called ghosts.

I am getting this bug as well. However, im currently blinkstrike specialized, and this bug makes me blink back to the undead mob almost every proc.

yeah pack size haha. some of them are even shooting and killing me. i died quite a few times to these ghosts.

Yeah, sadly we do not know the cause of it. =(

Hopefully the blinking backwards bug will finally be fixed soon. I mean there are only 200+ other bugs to fix. lol