Unkillable bosses?

Has anyone else encountered bosses past 1000m3 that are unkillable? Some shrine guardians and enslavers don’t die for me but I can quickly deplete their life bar… They just don’t die though.

I just say these things : crushing flames-frozen… bye

Maps with enemy heal - unkialable boses.

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Well I’m running both of those so its not really working lol

ahhhhh okay, I’ll have to pay more attention to the maps then

If I get an unkillable boss I buy another map and quit game otherwise it will be next Christmas when he dies


Just had a good test of my build in this regard. I’m usually fine on heal maps but I ended up with a heal map where I spawned a mythic enemy by completing the epic and legend enemy feats on floor 800ish. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to kill the mythic, but he died pretty quickly. Frozen/Crushing Flames/100% block FTW!

You just need to have enough mobs beside the mythic boss to one shot it. Taunt (OH special skill will help)