Hi! I have encountered a mythical monster by killing legend monsters avhievement, but… the problem is that it won’t die. When i started hitting i do 150m+ damage but as its hp goes down my damage goes down as well til i reach 10k damage and i have been hitting for 10 mins… so i am forced to skip the floor and waste the chance kill the mythical monster…

Anyone else experienced this?

p.s. he summons minions too that wont die

Maybe he is immune to your damage type and you were dealing damage only becouse of crushing blow?

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Yeah I think you were only doing damage because of crushing blow

Have experienced this also in higher floors because enemy has trillions of hp and I’m only doing damage through crushing blow

but im wearing a ring with “effective” mythic doesnt that cancel out the immunity?

Make sure you dont play on a map with + Enemy Heal affix. You wont be able to kill high rarity monsters.

Also, just a tip watch on your legend enemy counter. Once you are almost complete lower the difficulty and go to at least 500 floor to make sure you can kill the mythic mob and item is lvl 100

No, effective does not bypass immunity. 1.25 x 0 damage = 0 damge.

It is like using a Fighting attack on a Dark/Ghost pokemon. Yes Dark pokemon are weak vs Fighting but Ghost are immune to it so your Super effective hit does nothing.

therefore effective + ignore resist stacks?

Yes it does