Unknown error [-7] help

Cant play pvp online 2v2 either 1v1 match… It always show up choose unique name then i hit button and pop up finding match then it pop out unknown error [-7] help me how to fix… Im here only for pvp. Thanks

Hey! Have you checked, weither you have a DQ-Account? How about the internet connection?

Yes i have it… And my internet speed fine 3G

Can you upload a screenshot of it? What do you mean with an “unique” name?

Oh, just choose an arena name in this case :smile:

You have to choose an unique name, before you can enter the arena.

Yes i type many different kind of names like oxxygooo, iggixixi etc. But it always show unknown error -7

Ok, please contact our support including your DQ Account: support@shinyboxgames.com

Quick question, have you created a DQ Account yet?